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Yankee Candle* launched their Indian Summer collection on 1st July as part of the Autumn range. We don’t have Indian Summers in the UK, or they are rare at least! Indian Summers is basically an heatwave in Autumn. The last time I can remember it being hot in Autumn was a couple of years ago when it reached something like 27C in October. Anyone remember that?

With this new set of candles, we can create the feeling of an Indian Summer at the comfort of our own home! I have this set of candles sitting in my living room at the moment and even without lighting it, I can smell the lovely aroma coming from the wax! I can see myself using this set a lot more towards the the end of Summer, just to create that Indian Summer vibe.

Yankee Candles are known for their gorgeous and realistic scents and I personally believe that Yankee have really stepped up the game for candlemakers all around the world! Before discovering their amazing range, I was never a fan of candles because I found them to be quite musky (even the fruity ones smelt “off”) and they often made me feel sick. Nowadays, I can’t get enough of candles. I don’t burn them all the time but I have a large collection of them, I just can’t resist buying them!

Anyone who has used Yankee Candle candles before will vouch for their amazing scent pay offs, particularly in the medium/larger jars. I never bother with the tea lights anymore and only buy the votives when I want a candle for the glass holders. As always, you can purchase the fragrances in the wax melts, small/medium/large jars and the sample votives.

The four candles in the Yankee Candle Indian Summer Collection are:

new candles from yankee candle, indian summer range from yankee

Ginger Dusk

A hint of spice as you would imagine but not as strong as you’d expect. Ginger is usually quite a festive choice but Ginger Dusk is a soft gently fragrance with a sweet vanilla note to it and you definitely get subtle kick of spice when the candle is burning, which reminds you that the cold days are on it’s way soon. There’s a sharp hint of citrus and reminds me of a glass sparkling ginger ale with a wedge of lemon!

Amber Moon

The golden amber and sandalwood in this candle is supposed to give off a woody tone but it doesn’t strike me as such.The warmth of the scent takes you back to a long walk in the Countryside on a warm Summer’s evening or watching the sunset. It also contains a patchouli and sandalwood but it’s not an obvious scent but it certainly evokes memories of a hot, humid evening as the sun settles but there’s something in Amber Moon that also remind you that Summer will sadly end soon and the dark nights will return.

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Wild Fig

This is the strongest smelling one out of the four! It’s strong at first but your senses get used to it. It’s pungent and packs a punch! When I first removed the lid off of this, I didn’t like it, the aroma of the wax hits you straight away but when the candle is burning, the fragrance mellows out. It’s kind of like a fig/blackcurrant/plummy scent, and the deep purple of the candle is gorgeous (purple is my favourite colour). Although it isn’t one that I would pick up, Wild Fig is described as a luxurious autumn/wintery aroma, and the smell of it reminds of being inside The Body Shop with all those different florals and fruity scents coming off the products! Delicious!

Honey Glow

Warm, soft and creamy honey scented candle which is perfect for cosy, warm night in. It is a typical honey aroma but it’s not sickly sweet. Calming and relaxing aroma, Honey Glow prolongs the spirit of Summer. It also reminds me of Estee Lauder’s Bronzed Goddess perfume.

This post was in collaboration with Yankee Candle. However, all words were written by me, all photos were taken by me and my opinions of the brand, products and services was not effected.
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17 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Indian Summer | Review

  1. I think I definitely need to pop into to the Yankee Candle shop and have a sniff at the Ginger Dusk candle, it sounds beyond amazing! I'm a self-confessed ginger addict. 🙂 | tea & dresses

  2. Fab competition, I will definitely be entering 🙂
    I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles (my house is full of them!) so I'll definitely have to have a nosey at (and a sniff of) their Indian Summer set – Honey Glow sounds amazing! xxx

  3. I'm obsessed with Yankee Candles – this collection sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing the competition, sounds like an absolute dream; if only I had such luck…

    Emma x | Reverie Lane

  4. Hey lovely, your comment disappeared from my blog (promise I'm not ignoring you). I adore this collection and agree Honey Glow is soooo yummy. Comforting, homely with a hint of sexiness 🙂 Hubster loves the Wild Fig for some reason over the honey candles.

    Elyse x

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