Wonderbra is known for being functional, and when it comes to looking your best, Wonderbra has the solution! I was wearing a sheer blouse today and I just wore a plain white vest underneath but the model on the website is just donning a bra with the shirt. This lead me to think about “solution underwear”. You know, where you have certain bras to wear with certain outfits. Strapless for bodices without straps, pretty bras for sheer tops, and multiway strap bras where the straps can be put in place to suit whatever type of top you are wearing, whether this is halter-neck or racer back. 
Wonderbra are a great brand for designing solutions for women. Functional yet brings confidence. The latest one that would be handy to have in your drawers is the Ultimate Plunge Bra, perfect for deep V necklines and plunging ensembles! The friendly team at Wonderba sent me one to try and I have decided to tell you all about it because it is one of those products that’s useful to know about. For me, solution bras are good investments! I haven’t been able to wear this with a proper plunging neckline top/dress like these celebs because a) I haven’t got anywhere glam to go to! and b) I don’t have anything in my wardrobe to wear the bra with. I would not usually purchase plunging neckline garments because I haven’t got the chest for it – going for double sided tape and bra-less is not a good look for me! (think: ironing board!) However, now I have an Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra, I will not rule out dresses where there’s a deep neckline! It gives me confidence to purchase glamourous dresses like the ones you can see below.

wonderbra ultimate plunge brawonderbra ultimate plunge bra review
Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Solution Bra – £32.00 – available in black and nude

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Plunging Necklines (click to go to source of image)
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17 thoughts on “Wonderbra: Ultimate Plunge

  1. I seriously own like three bras, it's ridiculous. Have always wanted to try Wonderbras but the price puts me off a bit. Might have to invest in some awesome bras! Yay booby talk.

  2. wonder bra works amazingly, all my friends have them! I can't wear them as my boobs will just fall out unexpectedly haha, i want my boobs to shrink a bit so i don't have to cover up so much, i hate the attention they get when i have a little bit of cleavage showing 🙁

  3. I'm usually quite lax about bras – as long as they look pretty, I don't think 'functionally'. I also have the same problem as Ria, I'm quite, er…'ample', and worry that plunging necklines with a large bust will veer on the less classy side. The Ultimate Plunge does look very good though, and if I do decide to brave a plunging neckline, I'll keep it in mind! x

  4. I would definitely purchase! I usually get mine in Primark because I don't want to spend a lot of money on it but I've been wanting good ones for a while and the ones I tried at La Senza were horrible ! I'd love to try out one of these and get a few good ones ! Thanks for sharing =)

    xxx Vee

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