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Summer trend pineapple print, pineapple print outfit,
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miniature poodle, toy poodle, miniature poodle haircut, poodle haircut
My outfit: Pineapple Playsuit from Rare* / See my full Pineapple Playsuit outfit post  

Not quite my usual format when it comes to outfit post but I was at my sister’s house for a barbecue over the weekend and I got a few snaps off my iphone. I also did a very short video of the day too and I have to warn you, it’s not as sharp and clear as YouTube videos that you are used to! I’ve started using the VideofyMe app again this weekend and shot some clips off my phone and put them together in to a short 53 second video. I have tried to go for that “lo-fi” quality but between my phone and the laptop, it seems to have been compressed, making it more lo-fi than initially intended! Anyway – hope you still like it regardless of the horrendous quality! There’s not a lot of my YouTube channel but I’m working on it!

So, on to the outfits! I don’t think we would go out in public wearing co-ordinating outfits like this and I don’t know what possessed us to do it, but wearing matching pineapple prints (and the same sunglasses) is pretty dorky, right?! It is definitely dorky! Niki wanted to wear one of his fruit print t-shirts and I thought “oh, me too! I want to wear something pineapple-y as well!”. So, I went for the ONLY pineapple print garment that I own and that’s the awesome playsuit from Rare London which I blogged about last month. The playsuit fits that well that my mum and sister thought it was custom-made specifically for me! I highly recommend it if you’re in to that fashion trend at the moment!

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Are you enjoying the super hot weather we’re getting? I AM! ♥︎ I don’t want it to end!

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28 thoughts on “At The Weekend: Being Pineapple Dorks

  1. The weather is the best! I love this playsuit, it's just adorable and it does fit you like a glove. Super cute look. The sunshine brought out some palm tree leaf trousers from my own closet (as per my last post) – it's all about tropical clothes! x

  2. Aww, so cute! I would totally go out in coordinating outfits. Actually, my boyfriend usually likes for us to match. LOL. I always thought it was weird but it looks so good in pictures x

  3. It's so cute how you and Niki are co-ordinated Sarah and your playsuit is so lovely! Bonnie is looking so sweet too, her polka dot yellow harness is adorable! It looks like you had a fantastic day on your vlog, I also had a family BBQ the weekend too! Relaxing days in the sunshine with good food and good company are the best! 🙂 xx

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