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Monthly Favourites For July
This is my very first product from Kiehl’s and surprisingly, it’s not a skincare product! It’s a lavender scented bath foam with sea salts and aloe vera – all of which has soothing and relaxing properties. Anything with lavender in makes me feel very sleepy! The aloe vera in this keeps your skin in a nice condition too. This doesn’t bubble up as much as I’d like it to but it just adds a bit of luxury to your relaxing evening bath time. 
I got one of these in April (which I reviewed here), and have repurchased a second tube of it. I am a night owl so have troubles drifting off at bed time. My mind seems to be the most active at midnight! I have tried lots of pampering products that prepare you for a good night sleep and anything with lavender in really helps me. This one from Sanctuary Spa has been a firm favourite for three months, it’s a smooth, buttery smoothing polish for your body that is calm and clarifying. It relaxes me and within an hour of using this, my eyes get really heavy and I start falling asleep – definitely not one to use in the morning!!

Claudia Louch Face Cream*

I’ve been using this on-off for 12 weeks because I don’t need this on a daily basis. It is a really rich, gorgeous and hydrating non-comedogenic face cream suitable for normal to dry skin and it’s made from a natural blend of five oils, exotic mango and shea butter to ease dryness. It restores the elasticity in the skin which makes it appear younger and more youthful. It is 94% natural and contains hyaluronic acid which eases fine lines with a gentle plumping action. There is a hint of mangoes in the scent of this cream which is lovely and calming. The packaging is really unusual for a face cream, and I love anything that stands out on my dresser. 

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask*

My skin isn’t dry but it is dehydrated so I LOVE the Clinique Moisture Surge range. I used to use the day cream from this range which I highly recommend but I’ve not repurchased because I want to use up all the face creams I’ve already got. The overnight mask is basically a night cream that you apply before bed. At first, I thought it was a face mask which you leave on and rinse off, but you just massaged this in until absorbed. It helps replenish moisture so you wake up with lovely, supple skin. I have had this by my bed side since it arrived in to my life, just so that I definitely don’t forget to use it before I get too comfortably tucked in!

Bee Good Lip Balm*
I’ve finally used up one of my many lip balms that I carry! I have been obsessed with the Crazy Rumors lip balm but I’ve not been able to find this at any of the local Holland & Barratts stores! BeeGood has come to my rescue with this Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm which is very nourishing and softens chapped lips. It smells really nice too – just as you’d imagine a vanilla and honey lip balm to smell like. It is sweet but not overpowering. It’s also more of a gloss than it is a balm but it leaves a nice sheen to your lips that’s not sticky or greasy at all.

What has been your favourite beauty products to use this month?

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9 thoughts on “Monthly Favourites | 5 Beauty Products

  1. All of these sound lovely but Kiehls is definitely a brand I need to try. Heard so much about them at the moment and I'm a sucker for anything aromatherapy related :o) x

  2. THAT CLINIQUE MASK *__* sounds a lovely product for me! I have really dehydrated skin so, I might look for that mask :3
    Take care*

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