I haven’t done a blogpost on GlossyBox for a long time! The last one was last April’s edition Natural Box. Most of my glossybox reviews or unboxing are their limited edition ones, I’ve always been very impressed with them! I absolutely LOVED last Valentine’s Day one with the bright pink box, and the following month was Harrods box which was exciting!

This year’s Valentine’s themed box* is glossy baby pink with an illustrated rosette on it. I wasn’t expecting it to be a special edition so this was a nice surprise. I received it on Friday and I hope those who have subscribed have got yours too. I tend to hold back blogging about these boxes for a few days because understandably, some people get annoyed with spoilers. As always, the feedback for this month’s box has been mixed from what I can see but the majority of people enjoyed their boxes. I really like what I got and have been using everything over the weekend. The contents of my box include: Micabella Mineral Blush Powder, MeMeMe Beat The Blues, Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray, Helen E Cosmetics Lipstick and Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream. Oh, and a lovely heart-shaped lollipop!

I don’t really like the little pots of loose powders. I really don’t know how to use it… I don’t know where to tip the powder on to and I don’t have a brush small enough to dip in to the pot. I’ll figure it out one day! One of my favourite cosmetic products is Benefit’s High Beam so it was great to try MeMeMe’s Beat The Blues to compare the two. The brush on Beat The Blues is not as nice and I found that it’s not as iridescent as the Benefit one. The subtly is nice though, would be very appropriate to wear during the day time as it doesn’t “glow” as strongly as High Beam. My favourite item in this month’s GlossyBox is the Helen E Cosmetics lipstick. I usually stay away from deep red/plum shades but I’ve been playing around with this one and with the right make up, I think I can make it work. It’s quite a dramatic lipstick shade so I do have to wear a lot of make up for this plum colour to work on me. For now, it will go in my “night-out make up” collection. I will review this on it’s own at some point!

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18 thoughts on “GlossyBox | February 2013 Valentine’s Edition

  1. You are so lucky T_T
    We don't have anything like that around here…I would love to subscribe to glossybox because I like the box concept – more than the makeup bag ones – because I always need an extra box to keep my make up or art supplies.
    I'll follow your blog <3


  2. I have a love-hate relationship with loose powders – a lot of them are really pretty and versatile, but that stuff gets everywhere! One of the bloggers I follow thought the lollipop was a condom because it was Glossybox label-side up, and the stick was hidden lol. Have an awesome Valentines day 🙂

  3. I'm not keen on loose powders either, they're just messy to me and end up everywhere. I love the presentation of glossy boxes. They look like such a treat to get every month. Every time I see these posts, I'm tempted to subscribe!

  4. LOVE THIS! i havent checked my mail yet maybe i got it already but im from america so i might not have gotten the same thing i love your blog —> TOPSHOP LA POST elywrites.blogspot.com

    follow if you can!

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