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A name that’s doing the rounds in the beauty blogging world is Antonia Burrell. Antonia believes in using ethical and sustainably sourced ingredients to formulate clean, chemical-free, luxurious skincare products.

The products work to improve the appearance of your skin, your life and your personal well-being. For the past 18 months, I have been introduced to a lot of organic and natural skin and body care products and I really do see a difference. I’ve been trying out Antonia Burrell’s Natural Glow Cleansing Oil and Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum, and this is how I’ve got on:

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3 sizes available, prices start from £29.50 
What they say: “Say hello to the world’s first 100% pure plant, 100% natural, emulsifying cleansing oil. Natural Glow Cleansing Oil is the hero from the range, healing and purifying, calming irritation and brightening the skin leaving no oily residue”
What I say: After hearing those words, I was very excited to use this cleansing oil. I have had a positive experience with facial oils but there was one time where I had a reaction and that has made me very wary of them. I have to remember that out of all the times I’ve used them, I’ve only had one bad reaction. So, I opened this up and out comes this simple, yet beautiful glass bottle – you know you’re holding a premium products and I immediately have high expectations. 
I’ve had to introduce this to my skincare routine very slowly. At first, it didn’t work but I knew this was a transitional period, as I am previously used to cream cleansers. I didn’t break-out from using it but instead, it just didn’t seem to be doing anything for the first 2 or 3 weeks. However, I persevered because some products don’t work straight away, especially if you’ve just suddenly switched from one to another. This is the seventh week of using this cleansing oil and I can see the benefits. My skin is brighter after using it! 
I love this oil for when I am double cleansing, it is perfect. I use the oil, followed by a cream or milk cleanser and it dissolves and removes make up. I double cleanse on days/evenings where I’m wearing heavy make up, I make a huge effort to get every single bit off my face before I go to bed… otherwise I’ll regret it because I’ll sure be paying for it for several days (even weeks) after! I apply 5 pumps of the oil on to my hands, apply it to my face and massage it in for 2 minutes. Then by adding water, the oil transforms in to a cleansing milk which allows you to remove make up (even around the eyes), impurities, dirt and grease. 
It contains tea tree which helps prevents break outs, and heals acne and dermatitis. There’s also lavendar in it to calm irritation, soothe sun-damaged skin, psoriasis and burns. I know it’s quite scary putting a product like this on to your skin, especially if you are prone to oil because oil-on-oil it is known to be quite balancing. 

Pure therapy facial oil serum, natural oil serum, antonia burrell oil serum review
What they say: “A sensuous, 100% natural serum with a blend of 21 pure plant extracts that works to perfect troublesome skin. The rich and luxurious serum deeply penetrates to purify, heal, refine and regulate the natural balance in oily, blemished skin”
What I say: Serums have become an essential part of my daily routine. I like to switch them up depending on how my skin feels and what I feel like it needs. Sometimes on days where my skin feels quite oily, I’ll use a serum that isn’t as potent (or I just won’t use one at all). And vice versa, when I’m suffering from dry skin during Winter, I’ll reach for one with a richer formula. At the moment, with the weather getting colder, I can’t live without this facial oil. I apply it on it’s own or I blend a drop of oil and moisturiser on my palms and mix it together before putting it on my face.
The Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum is ideal for spot-prone and reactive skins. I use only one drop of this at night, as opposed to the mornings before applying make up because it makes my face look too dewy. It certainly gives you a nice healthy glow! Again, I know it’s slightly scary to use an oil product on spot-prone skin but these types of products are almost like a treatment. It contains 100% natural ingredients and a blend of: 
Organic sandalwood – Helps to calm itchy, irritated skin, reduce congestion, blemishes and acne
Vetiver – A green plant that is known for melting away stress. It balances hormones, rejuventate dry skin or absorb oil from greasy skin.
Kiwi Seed – Highly anti-oxidant and very rich in essential omega 3 and 6 fatty accids. Kiwi Seed helps to treat large pores and reduce redness
Melaleuca Viridflora Leaf – Acts as a powerful antiseptic and promotes healing of scar tissue
Both the cleansing oil and face serum smells very similar to each other. It’s herbal but I’ve hardly noticed it and I’ve got a very sensitive nose! It’s a rather gentle, relaxing and pleasant scent, nothing offensive!
You can purchase Antonia Burrell skincare products on the website, or Urban Retreat in Harrods.
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10 thoughts on “Antonia Burrell’s Holistic Skincare | Cleansing Oil and Face Serum

  1. I am always wary of putting oil on my face as I get oily skin with breakouts. However, I was reading Grazia just now and there was an article about using oil based hair cleansers, and apparently oil draws away oil. Which is surprising, as you'd think putting oil on an oily surface would just create an oily mess. I am tempted to try a cleansing oil, like the DHC one, now.

  2. As I am someone who only uses natural skincare, cleansing oils are a pleasure to use, I'm not tried Antonia Burrell because of the price point but I use other brands that fit my budget. Great review, one point is I dislike the term "chemical free" water is a chemical so nothing is chemical free. It's an outdated term which I wish green brands would drop asap.

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