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Products like HealGel can make it easy for you take care of your skin during hot and humid days, but for most of us (like myself), it often takes a lot more work than that to keep our skin hydrated. Our skin can dry out due to factors like humidity, pollution, sun exposure, or even having the air con on. As there isn’t that one miracle beauty product that zaps all our skin troubles away, it is perhaps the right time to go back to basics!

Here are five tips on how to help your skin stay healthy and hydrated this Summer, which are not only important for our skin, but benefits our health and well-being too!
Drink more water:
This one’s an obvious one! It is important to keeping your skin hydrated and detoxify your body, but I am the first to put my hand up to say I struggle with it! I’m not the most thirsty person and don’t naturally reach for pure water when I need a drink. I have to remind myself that water not only improve the quality of your skin but it also helps to increase your energy levels. On my tea break for the next two months, I’m going to try and drink the recommended amount of water. I will also be swapping a cuppa or a coffee for water and a slice of lemon!
No junk food!
When you’ve worked long hours, all you want is something sugary to give you a quick boost of energy. When we are surrounded by the temptation of yummy junk food snacks, it’s not easy to swap a delicious Mars Bar for a seemingly boring apple. I like fruit but I’m not always keen on it, however, I LOVE vegetables and I could eat a whole plate of them. Staying healthy is hard, we all know it but making it look appealing is what does the trick for me. I love making a vegetable platter, a couple of cream crackers with a side of hummus and balsamic vinegar with a splash of olive oil! I could also live on salads when it’s made with a nice dressing! It’s all about the dressing!

Cut out alcohol:
As you know, alcohol dehydrates you. Even if you drink loads of water, the alcohol will un-do all of that! On nights out, I love a good cocktail or five but I don’t drink excessively every single time I go out, and can pretty much have a good time without it so it will be easy for me to cut it out completely – at least for a couple of months. My skin is going to feel better for it when I cut alcohol out for the next couple of months. Being booze free means healthier skin, shinier hair, finer lines and brighter eyes!

No more face wipes:
Up until a few weeks ago, I thought that face wipes would be fine for short trips, camping and festivals but honestly, I’m never going to use them on my face again. They’re not even that convenient, if you think about it. You can buy little empty bottles from Boots for about £1, so I’d rather decant cleanser in to them and pack some cotton pads, and use them instead. Facial wipes or make up remover wipes are usually quite harsh, and makes my skin feel so incredibly dry. I can literally feel my skin shrivelling up like a prune after a few days of using them!

Eating superfoods:
You are what you eat! For me, the first stage of this would be to actually research what superfoods would benefit me. Berries that are high in antioxidents, oranges for the high source of vitamin C, fish that are rich in omega 3 oils, and even nettle tea are known to be anti-inflammatory. I need to find out more and incorporate those types of food in to my diet. By doing this, I’ll probably find that I won’t be needing to use as much make up or skincare products. Your skin, hair and nails will look beautiful and healthy in no time!


What are your top tips? You can also join in with the #HealGelHydrate discussion on Twitter or your own blogs too, by offering your tips on how you deal with parched skin during Summer.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Beauty Tips: How To Keep Skin Healthy & Hydrated

  1. I couldn't agree more on your tips. Specially the one related to face wipes. Nowadays I only buy them o clean my hands when I'm doing my make up or for when I'm doing swatches.
    Take care*

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