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The December countdown to Christmas has never been so fancy! Christmas advent calendars are getting more and more extravagant, and this year is no exception! Ditch the chocolate and grab yourself one of these… a beauty (or lifestyle) advent calendar which, on first impressions, might seem to cost a lot but you always get more for what you’ve paid so it ends up being quite a good deal. Plus, it always seems to be a bit of a scramble for these, it’s clear to see that a lot of people get SO incredibly excited about them and I can definitely see why!  I really like the idea of a beauty advent calendar a lot because I’m not all that keen on the chocolate ones – mainly because I’m not a huge fan of all things cocoa (and I don’t want to eat chocolate first thing in the morning… not unless it’s Christmas Day!)
A couple of years ago, I had the Liz Earle advent calendar and it was awesome! These calendars are a great way to try a huge selection of what brand has got to offer, and you can sample 24 miniatures before committing to the full size product.

There are so many types of these lavish, beautiful beauty advent calendars now, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Obviously, go for the brand you love the most… but what if you love them all?! 

Here are my top 8!
If you’re in to nail polishes in a big way, the Ciate calendar is definitely for you! You will receive 17 mini bottles of Ciate’s most popular shades, 5 textures polishes, 1 set of nail art transfers and 1 full size nail varnish (or “Paint Pot” as they’re called in the world of Ciate!)
2. No.7, £35
In this one, you’ll get a selection of make-up including lip crayon, eyeliner pencil, nail varnish, illuminator, mascara… you name it, it’s in there! The whole thing contains £135 worth of make-up for the price of £35 – not bad going! The design of the calendar isn’t very festive but I’m not one to say no to a bit of pink and gold!
3. The Body Shop, £50
This was one of the most talked about beauty advent calendar last year! The Body Shop actually lists the whole contents of the calendar on the website so if you don’t want to be surprised, you can go and have a look. I would have liked more of the festive range in there but there’s a good mix of best-sellers and new products. I would use each and every one of them – which is the most important thing!
4. L’Occitane, £45
I love nothing more than to spoil my mum and I think this is something she would really love because she’s a huge fan of L’Occitane, I get something for her from their shop every Christmas! I don’t think she has ever had an advent calendar before… not even when she was younger! So this would make a nice pre-Christmas pressie (and it’s kind of nice to return the favour for buying all those advent calendars for me and my sister when we were little!)
5. Jo Malone, £250
Now this is what you call luxury! A Jo Malone advent calendar has got to be the ultimate beauty calendar, right?! It looks like the “doors” are little pull-out drawers so you can reuse this and store things in it afterwards. This contains colognes and body cremes in a variation of scents. I prefer to have a wide choice of products but this is a must-have for hardcore Jo Malone fans! Available from Harrods.
This sold out within hours of it’s October release but I’m hoping they’re going to restock. It seems a bit pointless to include this in here when you can’t even buy it. I’m not too sure on the status but if it’s back on the website again, you’re going to have to be quick if you want to get your hands on one! There’s 24 windows but only 18 of them contain Benefit goodies and then 6 of the days you’ll get post-its, hair ties and paper clips. 
Worth £113, this contains only 12 windows with a luxury beauty treat behind each one. This is another for Mum’s as I associate this brand with older ladies. It contains a bunch of skincare products, body oil, shower gel, foot cream and hand lotion.
I cheated here, this isn’t a beauty themed advent calendar but it’s still something a bit different, and one that I think you guys will LOVE. It’s the Freedom advent calendar from Topshop which contains jewellery! The majority of the pieces are earrings but there’s bracelets and necklaces in both silver and gold.
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26 thoughts on “8 Beauty Advent Calendars Everyone’s Talking About!

  1. They all look so amazing. I have never had a beauty related advent calendar before! The Topshop packaging looks so pretty. I may also get one for my mum!

  2. These all sound just as good as each other, I am seriously struggling to choose my favourite! Is it super sad if I buy one for myself? I just don't know how heavily I can hint to my family that I want a Christmas present a whole month before Christmas. Might have to take the matter into my own hands. December is going to be such a happy (and good smelling) month!
    Rosie x

  3. Ok so I nearly cried as another year has come and I can't afford a calender but hey Topshop is the most affordable and I have a £25 birthday voucher so maybe get that, thanks for sharing or I would have missed it ! xxx

  4. I wish we had beauty advent calendars in Australia! They're pretty much non existent!
    Love the look of the Benefit, Body Shop and Topshop ones. I wish they included a sample size blush or something with the Benefit one though.

    Chloé⎪ à la foliee

  5. I am not a massive beauty fanatic so I guess I could never justify buying any of these calendars. I am always trying to save money just before Christmas so they seemed like too much of a splurge to me. Also, I am not very familiar with most of these brands. The Topshop one would be the most intriguing for me I think.

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