Being a beauty blogger, I trial a fair share of skincare. So much so that it probably comes as no surprise that from time to time, my skin acts up a bit from being overloaded with products.

When this happens, I go through a bit of a panic and then after leaving it for a week, I can slowly introduce gentle products back in to my routine. 

One of the brands that I’ve come to rely on for when my skin is playing up is Salcura*. This dropped in to my life a few months ago and at the time, I was generally feeling really iffy, mainly because of stress of having to adjust to living in the city on my own. The stress was so not good for my face. Not at all. Not one one bit! No!
Salcura came to the rescue! Known for it’s natural, ingredient-led formulations, Salucra specialises in helping to relieve problems caused by common skin conditions. Whether you have acne, sensitive, dry, eczema or psoriasis – Salcura will have something to soothe and calm. 

A Skincare Brand For Troublesome Skin

Cleanser is a big part of my daily routine. I use it twice a day without fail. So what happens when I my skin becomes irritated and I can’t use my usual one? I reach for Salcura Buskin Face Cleanser.

It has a gentle formula of sea buckthorn for vital skin healing and skin repair, jojoba oil for nourishment, and rosemary to help improve cell renewal. The consistency is a thick, runny gel that’s a bit like orange calpol but is pleasant to use! Suitable for dry and sensitive skin too.

Bioskin DermaSerum is for daily use for anyone who suffers from eczema, psorasis and dermatitis. It gives the skin the nourishment it needs and effectively break the itch cycle.

Again, this contains Sea Buckthorn for cell regeneration and it’s healing properties, Safflower for nourishment, and Aloe Vera to calm irritated skin. I haven’t been using this one as much because I am not keen on the smell but if I continued to have minor skin problems, I would just put up with it.

Bioskin Zeoderm will help treat skin in up to six weeks without the use of steroids or harsh medication or chemicals.

Zeoderm is 99% natural and is ideal for relieving itchy, patchy and bumpy skin. I’ll be keeping a tube of this in my stash as it seems to work better than Sudocrem. It’s a nice, moisturising formula that helps repair skin.

Salcura is available to buy from good health shops and chemists.
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5 thoughts on “A Skincare Brand For Troublesome Skin

  1. I need to give these a try! I've always had problems with my skin, especially when I'm under a lot of stress my skin starts acting up. These would also make a great present for my mum who suffers with a lot of skin allergies etc.
    Great job on this post!

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