New Product Alert! : HealGel Body

HealGel Body, bodycare for dry skin, products for dry skin, healgel
HealGel Body, bodycare for dry skin, products for dry skin, healgel
HealGel Body, bodycare for dry skin, products for dry skin, healgel
HealGel Body, bodycare for dry skin, products for dry skin
HealGel Body – £39.50
Those who suffer skin problems will know how difficult it is to find something that actually works, and because Healgel was created by a group of cosmetic surgeons, their combined knowledge and expertise have enabled them to produce effective products from ingredients that will help your skin to remain healthy and replenished. 
Anyone who has ever used any of the Healgel before will vouch for how good they are, and fans will be pleased to know that they have launched a new product. HealGel Body is the latest addition and it is a gentle, soothing aqueous gel that absorbs in your skin to leave it feeling regenerated and smooth. If you’ve used the Healgel Eye before, I would describe the consistency as similar to that. It’s a gel that feels like water on your skin (a bit like a hand sanitiser) which eliminates the sticky, greasy-ness that some people dislike from applying creams and lotion. 
At £39.50, it isn’t cheap, and I don’t see the tube lasting for longer than 4 or 5 months – I’ve been using it about 3 times a day since it arrived through the post, but I LOVE this brand and I would repurchase this, just like I would repurchase the eye gel, which it is AMAZING! If you have particularly troubled skin (such as psoriasis, eczema) I would recommend trying this. It’s a gentle , soothing formula with a delicately light scent to it, the gel will help to give relief to irritated areas. 
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7 thoughts on “New Product Alert! : HealGel Body

  1. Ahhh man i've seen SO many people saying that the eye gel is amazing; I may need to check this out! I've always wanted to try this brand but I just cannot justify the pricetag 🙁 I wished they did samples or something like that; maybe hook up with Birchbox for next month's box! Great post and I love the photos 😀

  2. I really hope I get to try this as I love HealGel face, I've nearly run out which I am so sad about as I don't have the money to re-purchase yet! But I have KP on my arms and legs so really hope this body one will help x

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