Like Grace Coddington said on The September Issue, everyone wants their photos pin sharp these days but she likes a bit of movement in them. I’m definitely one of those people who likes photographs to be super clear. These outfit pictures didn’t come out very well, they’re not as clear as I’d like them to be. I’d lost the battery charger and I knew there was about 5% battery left and so these were really rushed before the camera conked out. Later, I found the charger in the camera bag. Major fail.

I just wanted to show you this cute fabric print on this dress, they are little bunnies. I love bunnies and I know you love them too! The dress is from MissGuided. For me, it was a tad too long. Being quite short, I don’t really like to wear dresses that are knee length or below the knee. I have taken the hem up about 3 inches to make it look “normal” like it does on the model on the website. 

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76 thoughts on “Bunny

  1. Funny, I was actually going to say that I really liked the pictures. The contrast in front of the roses is lovely and the picture with the ring and bracelet is beautiful 🙂 Wishing you a lovely weekend with lots more bunnies! xo

  2. Eep I need that dress in my life. I know it's going to be super short on me but I can't resist it any longer!

    I'm also super tempted to purchase a Rose garland and princess ring from you. Stop making such pretty things, they're too lovely!


  3. omg I nearly bought the exact same dress when I was in Bangkok, but in pink and lilac. It was too short on me though to be able to wear it much in Dubai….

    Looks good on you!

  4. BUNNIES! <3 And I am tempted to buy those rose bracelets. All of the things you make are so beautiful.

  5. I love the dress! For me I would probably keep the 3 inches though. Love the rose headband thing, you're absolutely right about the high street ones being a bit too much

  6. I think the dress looks super pretty. Bows and bunnies? Yes please! I was worried my missguided dress would be too long but it wasn't actually that bad, it does seem that they just use one length for all dresses though and just change about the other measurements according to size.

  7. That dress is adorable! 🙂 On my blog post you asked about 'Snapple' in the uk – I got mine from a shop in Southampton which sells american sweets, food and drinks – there are probably other shops around the country that do them too. Maybe try googling 'Snapple' in the UK and see if any results come up. xx

  8. I like my pictures to be super-clear as well. I usually take 4 of 5 of each 'shot' with different zooms/focuses before I get it all right, and that's someone who knows almost nothing about how to use their own camera!

  9. The photographs look great to me but I know what you mean, I like my photographs clear too and if you're in a rush they never seem to work out as well as you hoped. That print is really special, very sweet.

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