how to wear black and white stripes, how to wear monochrome, black and white stripy tunic
how to wear black and white stripes, how to wear monochrome, black and white stripy tunic
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Tunic* Sheinside ▴ Fedora Miss Selfridge ▴ Watch Swatch ▴ Necklace* Ohh Deer

Woohoo! This is the first outfit post I have done this year and I have (sort of) forgotten how to ~pose~ for photos! Then I remembered that I don’t actually pose; When I’m taking outfit photos, I either stand there like a plank of wood, or move about like I’ve got ants in my pants! There’s no in-between!
Sheinside is a brand that I have seen do the rounds on blogs for a while now. Everytime I see the brand name, I always wonder how it is pronounced. Is it She-inside, or Shein-side? They are owned by the Shein Group Ltd so my brain tells me it’s the latter, but I’ve heard YouTubers prounounce it SheInside, so that’s what I’ll go with! 
I spotted this black and white stripy tunic (which, confusingly, is listed on their website as a ‘long sleeved tshirt’) but as you can see, it isn’t long sleeved, and it’s not quite the traditional t-shirt. I chose to wear this as a tunic or a smock dress (petite girls fave type of dresses because it makes us look taller. And it saves the hassle of having to alter the hem!) but this is how it is styled on the model too, she’s wearing it as a dress. The best thing about these types of websites is obviously how cheap the clothes are, and how much choice there is but the sizes can come up quite small. However, something they are really good at is stating the measurements of each and every garment, including the length – and I strongly recommend checking the measurements before you place an order with Sheinside!! None of my favourite UK fashion retailers (Topshop, Miss Selfridge, and ASOS) detail the measurements and that kind of annoys me. What’s a short girl to do!
To add a bit of fun to the monochrome, I wore my pineapple necklace (only the best thing everrrr!). It’s made of porcelain and the length of the chain is just right. Any longer and the porcelain pendant will end up knocking in to things. Don’t want that bad boy to get damaged or worse, completely smashed! If you like quirky things, check out Ohh Deer, I guarantee you’ll be on their website for hours!
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24 thoughts on “Outfit Post : Black And White Stripes

  1. Pineapple necklace was a great choice, it really adds some pop to the black/white theme you've got going on! Love the tunic but I just can't wear them without a belt to give me some shape! I also have decided I really, really need a hat!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Cute outfit! Yeah, those wholesale sites like Sheinside and Aliexpress tend to have very misleading product descriptions. I've heard of Sheinside on blogs before, and have been to their site of couple of times, but I've never bought anything form there.

  3. You're wearing the pineapple!!! 😀 I'm hopeless at dressing myself. I will keep in mind your tip about smock dresses for short girls 🙂 I've seen Sheinside ads floating around and a bunch of Tumblr microblogs promoting it, but I've always been a little skeptical about the quality. Do you know if it varies from product to product, or is the overall quality pretty reliable? There was one time I came close to ordering something on Sheinside, but shipping cost so much, so I decided against it 🙁 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Love the accessorising! And I totally agree, the UK favourite brands are so bad at listing measurements and I don't always have the luxury of being able to pop in to try things on. This dress is adorable, I feel the need to add more stripes to my wardrobe now 🙂

    little miss fii || Fii x

  5. Some sort of black and white stripes need to feature as a style stle of every girls wardrobe! Really like the pineapple necklace, adds a subtle quirk xx ??

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