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Pamper products excite me more than it should! I was giddy with joy at the sight of these lovely Arran Aromatics* goodies which celebrates the turn of Autumn, and I couldn’t wait to dig right in! Bring on the cosy nights in!
lavender bath oil, affordable bath oil
Purple is my favourite colour so this was the first thing that caught my eye! Since last Christmas, I’ve been using bath oils a lot. Putting only two or three drops of oil (that’s all it needs!), it adds a bit of luxury to your bubble bath. I’ve got a small bottle of Jo Malone bath oil and it has lasted my for eight months, even though I use a couple of drops once or twice a week. The Arran Aromatics Sandalwood and Lavender Bath Oil is a bigger bottle but I will still use sparingly. It is formulated for total relaxation, ensuring you get a good night sleep!

arran aromatics candle, fig candle
This is a travel sized candle but it’s also available in a bigger size for £20.00. I’ve been burning it on the side of the bath tub and the scent creates a lovely Autumnal ambiance as it has a fruity, sweet and woody notes. The nice thing about these candles is that they come in beautiful packaging – even the small travel sized one – which makes them great gifts for a hamper or stocking filler.

honey lip balm, honey and lemon lip balm
ALWAYS happy to add another lip balm in to my life! Honey and lemon is the perfect combination for Autumn/Winter! The consistency of the balm is really soft and gooey which transfers on to lips as a glossy finish. It feels and looks like Vaseline as it contains petrolatum, so if you’re a fan of Vaseline, you’ll love the Arran Arromatics Honey and Lemon Lip Balm which comes in a plastic pot. It’s a nice one for the cold weather as it nourishes and protects you from the elements. This balm contains UV protector.

arran aromatics cream, chamomile and honey barrier cream
This cream has a essential oils of chamomile, honey extract, beeswax and vitamin E to heal dry and chapped skin, and protect your skin from harsh weather. The cream feels quite waxy on your skin for about 15 minutes, but in cold weather, I won’t be complaining! If I was to nitpick, I would say that I’m not keen on the scent of this cream. Smell is subjective so just because I’m not a fan, it doesn’t mean it’s horrible and that everyone will dislike it too. I don’t hate it, and it is pleasant smell (and it doesn’t at all linger) but, it just isn’t to my taste. For me, the honey doesn’t come through and I’d like it to smell a lot sweeter.
arran aromatics soap, honey and oatmeal soap
This is the only product I haven’t opened yet because I’ve actually got 4 soaps in my tiny bathroom at the moment and I’m not opening anymore until I’ve used them all up. I’ve used a couple of Arran Arromatics soaps before and really like them. I can’t wait to peel open the honey and Oatmeal! Vegetable soaps have a moisturising quality, so no need to worry about stripping your skin and drying it out. It’s on offer at the moment for £2.00, but even the full retail price of £2.75 is really affordable! Again, another one that would look gorgeous in a gift hamper or stocking filler.
Arran Aromatics products are available to buy directly from their website and ships worldwide.
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6 thoughts on “Autumn Pamper Products | Arran Aromatics

  1. The lip balm and soap looks gorgeous, probably because you liked them most and they are both very affordable 😉 if I had a bath I would still be intrigued to try the oil, but it seems like it's for a real treat. All the packaging is seriously beautiful too xx


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