Awesome Stocking Fillers For Her

I initially named this blog post “affordable beauty stocking fillers” but then I thought… shouldn’t all stocking fillers be affordable?!

In recent years, we’ve all noticed that the luxurious stocking fillers have become a thing; a Tom Ford card holder? A Mulberry key ring? Jo Malone candle? Who am I to say no.

My mum and dad have only ever done one Christmas stocking for me in all my life – I know, sad times, boo hoo – but what I’m trying to say is that while it’s not so much a tradition for me, I’ve made it in to a tradition for my sisters throughout the years, especially the little (no-so-little) one who is 13 years younger than me.

It used to be so fun making her Christmas stocking and putting it outside her room ready for Christmas morning. “Santa” (ahem, cough, me) once made her a “sock bunny” (Friends reference) and even at aged 7, I can’t say she was too pleased. But she doesn’t have to suffer naff crafty gifts anymore, Santa retired the glue gun a long time ago. Happy to say that I am quite good at finding the best gifts for stockings and goody bags.

Maybe this year, she will get something along the lines of…

Awesome Stocking Fillers for Beauty Lovers

W7 Grab and Go Gift Set, £9.95

These glittery pouches contain 3 deluxe sized W7 make-up, perfect for those day-to-night looks we’ve all been perfecting this party season.

Each bag contains a mini lipstick, something for the cheeks (highlighter or blusher) and a little mascara.

eco tools make up brushes

EcoTools, from £4.00

No matter how many brushes I have, I can never have enough… because I can’t be bothered to clean them, I’d rather just pick out a new one! Anyone the same?

EcoTools produce great brushes, they’re a great quality for an affordable price. Made from recycled, renewable, and sustainable materials, the ethos of the brand is brought together by how eco-friendly they are.

stocking fillers for her

FatFace gifts, from £6.00

The FatFace gift collection is often overlooked, I find. But for the second year running, I have been in to buy secret santa presents and a few bits for relatives. They stocking fillers include socks for £6, beauty gifts such as bathing products for around £10-£15, and quirky items like this gardening mug set (£15).

beauty gifts for her

Superdrug, from £2

It’s dangerous for me to step foot in to Superdrug at this time of year, I have no self control as I go from aisle to aisle thinking of all the things I want to buy for myself. I don’t need any more beauty products, the angel on my right shoulder tells me. But it’s not about needing it, it’s about wanting it… treat yourself says the devil sitting on the left.

At such an affordable price, you can buy your beauty stocking fillers plus a little something for yourself. Well, the bath fizzers are only £2 each so….

If you’ve not checked out Superdrug’s We Heart skincare range yet, then take a look next time you’re in there. Inspired by natural ingredients such as avocado and coffee, these little pots of goodness looks good enough to eat (seriously, the blueberry jam face mask really looks like jam). There’s a formulation for whatever skintype you are and they start from £4.99 per pot. Suitable for vegan and cruelty-free too.

house of holland elegant nails christmas

Elegant Touch House of Holland nails, £12.99

My favourite false nail brand is Elegant Touch. These particular Christmas design are hard to track down at the moment. They were in Boots but they’re not available online anywhere. There are lots of Elegant Touch designs available in Superdrug, ASOS, Feel Unique and Amazon ranging between £7.00 – £12.99.

patisserie de bain

Patisserie De Bain, from £3.29

If gourmand scents are their thing, then consider Patisserie de Bain. The brand is inspired by patisseries and sweet treats such as strawberry cupcake, lemon bon bon, and cherry bakewell. My personal favourite is sugared violet but I’ve come to realise that this is a scent you’ll either love or hate. I personally love it but I’m in to unusual flavours.

dotty about paper

Dotty About Paper notebooks, £6 for 2

Notebooks are always a great gift, especially for anyone who works in an office. I seem to be going through one notebook per month at the moment! There are some lovely stationery on Dotty About Paper, an independent business with a small team of talented people who design such cute prints and illustrations, such as this Llama. I love the aqua green and pink combo, it’s my favourite colour combinations.

Scent Republik Scent Stik, £4.95

Here is a brand that takes me back to my childhood. One look at their Instagram and I’m transported to 1996. I like the message of empowerment and individuality in the brand, and just like their product, Scent Republik are unique.

Scent sticks are the next hype in the beauty industry. I was listening to a podcast in which Jo Malone describes how she had a vision for the paintbrush; a fragrance you apply to your skin using a brush applicator.

A much more affordable price point, Scent Republik’s Scent Stix resemble a felt tip you’d find in your pencil case (and it just so happens I use my pencil cases to store roller ball perfumes, lip balms, and eyeliner – so Scent Stix will fit right in). Scents can be layered for a unique fragrance.

burts bees gift set

Burt’s Bees gift sets, from £6.99

Burt’s Bees is such a great go-to brand for stocking fillers. It’s gentle formulas make it so versatile for anyone and everyone to use. The gift sets include their classic tin baubles which usually contain a couple of lip products, but this year, I am loving the Burt’s Bees Beauty Basics Gift Set which features a lip balm, a lip crayon, tinted lip balm, and a pack of facial cleansing towelettes for £16.99.

Impulse Body Spray

Impulse Go Get Glitter, currently half price at £3.00

Another 90’s throw back! I don’t know about you but I was obsessed with Impulse body sprays when I was in secondary school. It was an obsession, Impulse O2 (the green can) was my fave.

The new ‘style’ Impulse is is interesting and whimsical, with fragrance combinations like burnt marshmallow and leather jacket, tropical beach and espresso, melted candy and unicorn dust, it sure is miles away from o2 and free spirit! Available from Boots and Superdrug.

MUA Make Up Academy, from £2.50

Affordable and pigmented are music to my ears when it comes to make-up. Exclusive to Superdrug, MUA Make Up Academy have a fantastic range of products from £2.50 for the blushers up to £8.00 for a 25 shade palette.

It’s an amazing brand for those who are starting to get in to me to those who becoming more experimental with colours. I recommend the primers (especially the one with gold flakes, just because!) that you apply as a base to help your make-up last longer throughout the day. And only £4.00, you can afford to buy a couple of them to bulk out the Christmas stocking!

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