I never knew until recently how popular gin is. Has gin made a comeback? Has gin and tonic always been a trendy drink?! I don’t know! Either way, Kiss Air has created a drink-scented candle that I predict is going to be a big hit!
soy wax scented candles


Kiss Air has gone through months of research and development to create their newest scented candle. I can actually believe now that this has been Kiss Air’s most requested scent. Adding to their drinks inspired collection ‘Cocktail Hour’, Kiss Air has put Gin & Tonic on their soy wax candle menu along with strawberry daiquiri, frozen margarita, pina colada, mojito, and peach bellini.
gin and tonic soy wax scented candles
The Gin and Tonic candle is the most subtle candle I have tried from Kiss Air. It’s such a unique fragrance, I can’t stop smelling it! It doesn’t smell alcoholic but the candle has notes of juniper berries which is what gin is made from, so the candle does have that bitter, gin-like scent.
The other fragrance notes are as follows:
Top notes: Citrus and club soda
Middle notes: Fresh rosemary and juniper
Bottom notes: Crisp cedar. 
unique scented soy wax candles
My other current favourite Kiss Air candles are Blueberry Cheesecake and Really Rhubarb. Blueberry Cheesecake has the distinct kick of fresh tart blueberries on a creamy vanilla cheesecake base. Kiss Air have made this scent come to life, I don’t know how they’ve managed it but you can really detect that creamy cheesecake buttery biscuit base! 😉

rhubarb scented candle
Really Rhubarb is exactly what you’d expect. I love this scent because I think rhubarb is in season at this time of year (correct me if I’m wrong, though!). As I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown to love the taste and aroma of rhubarb. This candle has that zing and sweetness of freshly cut rhubarb. 

soy wax scented candles

Kiss Air has become one of my favourite shop for affordable, authentic smelling, soy wax candles. You can read all of my Kiss Air blogposts here where you can discover more unique scents. Or head over to their shop to browse their collection and to find out more information.

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