I believe the Rhubarb and Rose blend has been in the Molton Brown range for a couple of years now but they have recently released it as a candle. Channeling a London via The Pantry via Yorkshire, Rhubarb and Rose* has the most loveliest, fruitiest, delicious notes that will freshen up your house this Summer with a sugary yet tart fragrance.
Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose Candle

Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose Candle

The scent of rhubarb is very distinctive. I love the smell of it and always have done, but the taste is something I’ve only just learned to like. It would be so great if Molton Brown released more gourmand blends like this.
Molton Brown describes their Rhubarb and Rose collection as a summer tart. The Rhubarb spikes a bitter top note as zesty fruits fizz with a citrus twist. These contrast with the sweetness of sugary tart in the base while gentle rose extract and vanilla bring to life the butter pastry of dessert. 
The notes are as follows –
Top notes: Grapefruit and Yuzu
Heart notes: Rhubarb Leaf and Rose
Base notes: Vanilla and Musk

Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose Candle

Using Rhubarb sourced from West Yorkshire’s ‘Rhubarb Triangle’, famous for harvesting the best rhubarb, the scent of Molton Brown’s Rhubarb and Rose embodies the quintessential British Summer. 
I can almost picture it. A rhubarb tart freshly baked in a rustic kitchen in Yorkshire, placed on the gingham table top with a vase of beautiful blush pink long stem roses sitting right next to it. The tart, of course, accompanied with with lashings of creamy vanilla custard. We mustn’t forget the custard! What is rhubarb without custard! What is life without custard!?
Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose Candle

The scent pay off, as you expect from Molton Brown, is quite a lasting one. I leave this candle burning on the coffee table in the middle of the room for 2-3 hours in the evening, and it leaves a nice  hint of rhubarb in the air.

molton brown rhubarb and rose

The candle comes in a pretty sherbet pink glass jar and gift box. It is available in a single wick candle (£36) or a Three Wick Candle (£55). I can’t find information about the wax that Molton Brown uses to make their candles, but I’ve got a feeling that it isn’t soy wax (I will try and find out!). 

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