Earlier this year, I started going to the gym for the first time (ever) and I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick to it, so apart from my Nike trainers, I decided to buy everything on the cheap, mainly from Primark – and we all know those don’t necessarily keep well once it has been washed multiple times!
Four months later, I’ve proved to myself that I am committed to exercising (hell, I even enjoy it!) so it’s probably time to treat myself to some really  quality gymwear!

Sportswear designs are so stylish now (when can I look like Gigi Hadid, plz?) and I could do with buying a couple more pieces! If I make an effort to look nice, then I feel ready to take on anything and this definitely applies for when I exercise and I’m not talking about make-up for once. 

All of my gym clothes are currently black – black sport bra, black sports leggings, black sports top, black trainers. Black everything. A bit dull, you might think? I wasn’t confident enough to wear colours and didn’t want to wear anything that would draw attention to myself, but now I’m ready to dabble in some colourful sportswear! Perhaps nothing too bold yet, as you can see in my wishlist below, but I can definitely incorporate a bit of soft pinks and greys into my workout style!
Here’s a few things that I’ve got my eye on!
stylish gym wear, trendy sports clothes, superdry sports
All of the sportswear clothing I’ve picked out here are from Superdry Sport, a collection that’s set to launch later in the year, so consider this a bit of a sneak peek! Superdry are known for comfort and for being really good at making versatile clothing so apart from the sports bras, I would actually wear these around in the house as loungewear. I don’t know any of the individual price information yet but it looks like the prices start from £24.99 which is very reasonable for quality items! I love the idea of wearing different sportswear for different types of exercises. I particularly like the slouchy ballerina-inspired cream cardigan for yoga and the trendy pink/grey sports bra for Zumba or Clubfit!
I have put off buying a gym bag because I think they are really ugly, bulky and heavy. I’ve been using Sainsbury’s limited edition canvas bag designed Bella Freud for Sports Relief and it has served me well but it’s time for a proper gym bag! This ASOS one looks really funky and I love that it’s SO shiny! Not bad for £18 either!
I don’t need another pair of trainers but when I do, I’ll go for another pair of Nike Roche in the grey colour. The thing with the Nike Roche style is that they are such great trainers for all kinds of exercising… and they look really good when worn casually with black skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a leather jacket!
I don’t know why I am obsessed with buying things to drink out of. I have more than enough glasses, tea cups and coffee mugs to last a lifetime. Yet I want to buy more! I think this cheeky water bottle is brilliant. I love pizza and have been known to place an order at Dominoes right after I’ve finished at the gym. I know, that’s sooo bad, right?! But I haven’t done that in a while though… 
Beats Headphones:

I definitely need music or a tv show to get me through a session on the treadmill – even if it’s the Antiques Roadshow! I just need a distraction so I don’t get bored! I’m using the Apple ear phones at the moment and not only they are crap, they don’t fit my ears at the best of time let alone when I’m running (ok. Jogging. No, actually, more like power walking.) Perhaps headphones might be more suitable and there’s nothing better than a pair of Beats!

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