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Heat your home with Hive & save money

On the 1st of April this year, we saw energy prices increase by over 50%. It’s going to be a tough Winter for so many and I pray it’s not going to be a cold one.

But, we do live in the UK, and my property is an old, draughty, Victorian terrace that’s not good at holding in heat. I’m already very strict about when the heating comes on – and sure, I can layer up and sit in the cold to save money, but I don’t want to have to worry about dampness and mould too. 

I know what this means for me when Winter comes round. Either I climatise or I need to be EVEN smarter at heating my home to save money.

hive app heating your home

I’m careful with my outgoings, and budgeting is my thing, so for the past couple of months, I’ve been on money-saving forums, obsessively scrolled on Twitter, and had discussions with friends, family, and colleagues. Heating homes and tips on how to save money on energy bills is such a dry topic and not one that crops up in conversation until recently. 

Even after all that research, I still have so many questions. How do you heat your home? I want to know if there’s a “right” or a “wrong” way. Are you meant to set the thermostat to a certain temperature and let the heating come on so that your home is constantly at that temperature? Or do you do the same as me, which is turn it on for a couple of hours and turn it off completely until it is needed again? But is that bad for the boiler?! What does an average bill look like for a property like mine?

I bought my house two years ago and I thought I had nailed this part of adult life – but due to the increase, I am finding new ways to be more efficient.

I’ve been a Hive customer for a year now and I think it’s the reason why my monthly debit has increased by only £40. Not the big jump I had braced myself for, and I can build up the credit during the Summer months for the pending Winter. But I truly believe the “saving” is down to Hive and its app. 

Are you worried about increasing energy bills? Read how Hive Thermostat Mini can heat your home smarter & save you money.

hive smart heating

So, what is Hive and how can it potentially save you money?

Are you someone who is obsessed with checking you smart meter-monitor? Hive Thermostat Mini takes it to the next level!

Hive is a smart heating product that you can control from your phone. Their new Thermostat Mini is more affordable and more compact than its original – but has all the same benefits and features.

You install the device, download the app to your phone, and it enables you to manage – and monitor – your heating from the palm of your hand. Or by using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Hive Thermostat Mini is priced at £119 for new customers, which is a one-off cost for the Mini device and Hub.

hive smart heating

The key benefits of Hive Thermostat Mini

1. Schedule when your heating comes on

Firstly, the device itself is a sleek little thing, measuring 84mm x 83mm. Visually, it’s a stylish looking thermostat as far as thermostat designs go! 

The key features include scheduling your heating each day, no matter where you are in the world! If you’re away and you forget to switch the heating off or lower the thermostat, you can do this from the app.

You can also view the temperature of the house at any given moment, and this was super handy for the times when I used to commute home after a day in the office. I’d switch the heating at the start of my journey and the house would be warm when I got back.

2. Holiday mode for your peace of mind

Do you remember at the end of March when it snowed for a couple of days? During that time, I was away for two weeks for work, and I was worried that the pipes would freeze, or that my single-glazed windows would crack under the freezing conditions. I do come up with the most stressful of situations in my head for no reason whatsoever! (I’m practising meditation to stop worrying about things that are out of my control). but with the Hive app, I can view what temperature of my house is and continue to control the heating on a day to day basis, even when I’m away.

What’s even better is their Holiday Mode feature where you set the dates and times you’re on holiday. It gives you peace of mind.

3. Hive Active Heating™ Frost Protection

There is a specific setting to prevent frozen pipes while you’re away – and it’s part of the Holiday Mode so that you don’t forget. This will be particularly beneficial during Winter when you’re not at home.

It activates the heating when the temperature drops to 7 degrees to prevent the pipes from freezing up or causing damage. It’s not a feature you’ll use every day, but it’s an incredibly useful one to have.

4. Budget & save with Heating Plus

Heating Plus is a feature that tracks your usage and sets your savings target. I noticed Heating Plus was recently added to the app and I haven’t signed up yet – but it provides you with daily, weekly and monthly insights and it shows approximately how much you’ve spent, which is where you can manage your budget, or at least keep track of it.

Heating Plus is an add-on where you can pay £30.99 annually or £3.99 per month. They are offering 6 month’s free trial – I’m unsure when this offer ends, but it is a small cost to pay if it helps you save money in the long run, especially if prices are to increase again this October.

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