I don’t blog about candles very often…

…Ha, jokes. That is a total lie, I blog about candles all the time. I fall in to that whole ‘bloggers love candles’ cliche so frickin’ hard.

What can I say? I am total candle hoarder, that much is true, but when they fragrances are as beautiful as Yankee Candles, how can you not be completely sucked in to the whole candle obsession!

yankee candle out of africa

Yankee Candle’s Out Of Africa Collection For Autumn

Out Of Africa is the new Autumn range from Yankee Candle and it is probably the only way I’ll get to experience a bit of Africa, sadly. I would love to see that part of the world and if I had the money, I would absolutely LOVE to travel there. But the sad truth is that I’ve not been out of the Country for years now, I haven’t been on holiday for a very long time (it’s alright, I’ll live…!)
Yankee’s new fragrances are inspired by parts of Africa and I think it’s really lovely how they’ve captured it in a scent. The colours of the Out Of Africa candles are lovely too, it’s just the kind of colours you need in your home over the Autumn months.

They’re very Autumnal (I know, I know, ‘Autumnal’ is an extremely overused word in the fashion/beauty world. I’m allowing myself to use it once this year. You won’t hear it again on my blog again until next year. Maybe. We’ll see.) 

Out Of Africa is made up of four candles, each one offering a beautifully fresh but comforting fragrance. 
yankee candle madagascan orchid
I thought I would know what Madagascan Orchid would smell like but it really surprised me. I mean, it was a very pleasant surprise, so it’s all good. It’s hard to describe this scent but it’s a nod to the exotic scent of this rare African orchid which are new to my senses!
yankee candle serengeti sunset
Serengeti Sunset is a warmer scent with an enticing blend of fruit, citrus, lotus flower and amber. If you prefer something with a fruity edge, you will love the smell of this candle.
yankee candle egyptian musk
Not that I’ve ever been to a desert before, but I’d like to imagine that Egyptian Musk is what a sandy desert would smell like! With hints of vanilla bean, Egyptian Musk has a sweet aroma but don’t worry, as it’s not an overpowering, sickly fragrance. The vanilla bean is balanced out with cedarwood and musk.
kilimanjaro stars yankee candle
Kilimanjaro Star is more of an evening, ready-to-wind-down-after-work sort of fragrance. Or maybe I think that because the deep midnight blue wax reminds me of night time. Either way, with cool mint and patchouli, Kilimanjaro Stars is a lovely, crisp scent.
The small jars are priced at £8.99 each. Medium jars, large jars, votives, tea lights, wax tarts, gift sets and an Out Of Africa candle accessories range is available to buy from Yankee Candle website and Yankee Candle retailers.
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