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Partying With Bloggers In Germany

This has got to be one of the most exciting blogger events I have ever been to! Not that I’ve been to many but this one is going to be hard to beat. 
I feel extremely lucky to have been part of this. On the day of my sister’s wedding, I received a new email which asked if I would like to visit the STYLIGHT offices in Germany. OMG OMG OMG. Is this real life? What was happening? Is this a prank or am I actually going to fly to Germany for a blogger event?

 photo stylight_party_munich_zpsb69dae88.jpg
STYLIGHT was having a party to celebrate the launch of their mobile phone app and last month, I was asked to design a phone case as a collaboration for the app (pictured below).
 photo stylight_phone_cases_zps22ecf151.jpg
 photo DSC_0012_zpsd2e48ef6.jpg
Some of you may have seen this case design before, but as I only had a few days to design it, I submitted a design I already had. I love it, though! I got an iPhone 5 last week and had wanted a new case for it so this was perfect timing! I couldn’t wait to use it.
Eleven other bloggers had also designed a case too, and they were to invited to the event (along with 200 others!). We drank Absolut vodka cocktails, ate BBQ food and cake, then we were treated to live music from artist, Miss Li, before returning to Bayerischer Hof Hotel, the poshest 5-star hotel I’ve ever stayed in! It used to be Michael Jackson’s favourite hotel to stay in when he visited Munich. 
I felt very lucky to be there, and to be part of it all.

 photo stylight_party_01_zpse378dace.jpg
 photo DSC_0024_zps9393469b.jpg

 photo stylight_mobile_app_launch_zps566aed72.jpg
 photo stylight_stand_zps9cfcfe1d.jpg
 photo DSC_0026_zps0cbf939e.jpg
 photo DSC_1536_zpsacee1612.jpg

If you’ve never heard of Stylight before, it is a site where you discover style inspiration and maybe even discover your new favourite blog. It’s social media for fashion and millions of people are now using Stylight.

With the mobile phone app just launched, it’s going to be easier to log on and discover new fashion everyday. It is useful if you’re a fashion blogger, you can upload your outfit photos and reach out to a brand new audience, driving traffic to your blog. If you’re not a blogger, you can always visit for a spot of style inspiration, there are tons of outfit ideas and products to browse through.

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24 thoughts on “STYLIGHT Blogger Party In Munich

  1. Aaah I'm so jealous I could eat my foot. I love Munich so much and Stylight is such an interesting concept. You look gorgeous and I hope you had a great time in my home country!
    Nina from little nomad

  2. Your design is lovely, love the colours and the picture 🙂 it sounds like you had a wonderful time in Munich, I hope you had fun and enjoyed meeting all the other bloggers! xx

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