COOL STORY, BRO! T-shirt from Hero&Cape

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cool story bro tshirt from heroandcape, cool story bro tshirt
T-Shirt from Hero & Cape
I have been told by the guys at Hero&Cape that this Cool Story Bro t-shirt is currently one of the best sellers and I’m sure it’s thanks to Zoe from Zoella as she has been wearing it on her YouTube videos and Instagram! I love both Zoe’s and Sprinkle Of Glitter’s videos! They always seem to have lots of fun and laughs together! Sorry this is a short post, my mind is all over the place and my lack of organisation is stressing me out. I thought I’d fit a blog post in whilst I am on a quick break! Off to go back to work in a bit whilst watching Christmas films!


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16 thoughts on “COOL STORY, BRO! T-shirt from Hero&Cape

  1. I love their videos too, it makes me want to go on crazy adventures and film them.
    Also love this t shirt AND YOUR HAIR. Why is it always so fabulous?!


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