Balance Me Stellar Face Balm, product for dry skin

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm | Winter Beauty Must-Have

If you have dry skin and you’re after something that goes the extra mile, then check out Balance Me Stellar Face Balm*. It is a 50ml pot that is crammed full of 100% natural and moisturising ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, rosehip oil and mango seed butter, to ensure your skin remains beautiful and healthy.
Stellar Face Balm is suitable for all skin types and is designed for daily use as part of your skin care routine. It’s a good face product for a solution to dry skin but it is also treatment for those who want something extra in your skincare routine to keep your skin in the healthiest and moisturised condition.

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm, product for dry skin

I know that my skin could be better as I don’t drink enough water, I get spots from lack of sleep and stress, and the recent cold weather has really effected my skin, so needless to say, along with all the other Balance Me natural skin care products that I have been using, this balm product has become such a hero for all skin related emergencies! 
Not only does it help you re-condition and look after your skin but it has got all sort of other multiple uses, making it of the beauty industry’s hardest working products!
It not only acts as a moisturising balm for your face, you can also use as the following: face mask, lip balm, soften cuticles, cold sores, mosquito/insect bites, soften elbows and cracked heels and can even be used on hair. 
Balance Me Stellar Face Balm, solution for dry skin

Apparently it is a good face mask and works brilliantly as such but I haven’t tried it this way yet because I’m still loving their Radiance Face Mask too much to change things around at the moment.

However, I have dabbed the balm on to dry patches of skin which I get particularly around the lower part of my face. For best results, apply this product before bed time and let it work in to your skin over night, to soak up the goodness while you sleep.

The balm is quite hard and feels quite waxy in the tub so you do need to work into it for a smoother consistency. You can apply the balm as thick or as light as you want but a little goes a long way. It doesn’t irritate skin or feel waxy once it is applied. It’s also not greasy or sticky, and it helps that it absorbs quick.

A 50ml tub cost £18.00 from Balance Me website or John Lewis department stores and Waitrose.

All Balance Me products are free from harsh chemicals, it does not contain parabens, sulphates, petroleum, propylene glycol or artificial fragrances/colours. Balance Me do not test on animals.
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