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1. Tea light holder
2. Perfume bottles
3. Candle – Chocolate Cake fragrance
4. Floral trinket box
5. Artificial flowers
6. Multi-coloured tea lights holders
7. Ceramic canister
8. Bedroom chair

Wishlists are a blog feature that I thoroughly enjoy reading on the blogosphere and I’ve been wanting to start doing them for a long time but they take ages and I’ve not been feeling very dedicated lately. I should just do it and get on with it! Anyway, I’m still playing around with the graphics before I find a format that I’ll stick with. I messed this one up with low resolution, so that is a mistake that I will learn from now on!

Having recently moved in to a new place, I have spent a lot of time homeware shopping. It’s easy to make a beeline for IKEA but I’ve made an effort to look elsewhere this time. Homeware is something that I have grown to love more with age and I actually enjoy lurking around the crockery section more than clothes. So much more! You see, it’s all very new to me. I mean, I’ve bought bits and bobs as house warming presents for others, and I shopped for various things for when I moved out for University but I always went for whatever was cheapest so nothing ever matched! Luckily, my new house is already furnished, which I am grateful for as it has saved us so much money. It isn’t the nicest decor but it’s my task to make it “homely” so maybe when I’m done I will do a tiny room tour. I have yet to kit an entire place out in furnishing that is completely to my taste but I haven’t really found what my “style” is in interior and decor so I’m actually glad I don’t have to do that this time. The step of buy my own house feels like a millionbilliongazillion miles aways but maybe these wishlist features will help me figure out what I’d like my eventual home to look like. Will it be shabby chic? Kitsch? Urban? …or just plain tacky? Who knows!!

Anyway, these are the things that I have had my eye on and there are some items on there that are way out of my price range. I particularly like the flowers from Debenhams but it’s rather pricey!… I suppose they’d last forever, though! I love the chair from BB & Beth but haven’t got room for it at the moment. BB & Beth is a gorgeous homeware shop and stock a lot of shabby chic and unusual home accessories so if you’re in to that style, there are lots of lovely thing on their website at the moment. I would love to know if you have a favourite interior style or better yet, if you can recommend any good websites, room tours on YouTube or interior blogs, that would be great! I’ve already pinned a lot of things on Pinterest so will keep my eyes out for more inspiration!

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17 thoughts on “April Wishlist: Homeware

  1. The Regal chair and flowers are my favourite but so pricy! Since moving into my flat I absolutely love going to homeware stores! We've furnished our flat with basics but we've done no decor at all so everything is very plain.

    My favourite place for Homeware is Laura Ashley as I love shabby chic but of course they're very expensive but I love the ideas and I'll try find something similar elsewhere.

    Tumblr is fun to find ideas/inspiration. Try:

    Check this too if you haven't:

    I loved this show!!


  2. These are SUCH pretty items! I'm the same, I love picking out homeware- but mine is for my imaginary future house at the moment haha! And oh my god pinterest is great for inspiration! x

  3. I love everything from your wishlist! Especially the candle -> crazy candle lady right here(!) <- I'm the in the process of doing up my room at the moment so this post really speaks to me! x x

  4. I adore looking at homeware 🙂 it's so exciting to think of all the possibilities when making your house your own home! I always look to Pinterest for inspiration 🙂 that chair is perfect!! xx

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