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My ears get so cold when I’m outside that it makes my whole face ache, and then I start to get really grumpy! I’ve bought earmuffs from the high street and eBay but they either slide off my head and some of them curve therefore not covering ears properly. offered to send me a pair of their cute animal earmuffs which also double up as headphones! This was the first time I’d heard of products like this (I’m not cool!) and I thought this was awesome. The prices start from £19.99 and they come in other animal options. Some of you will love this Owl pair, so cute! They also sell plain coloured ones but most are sold out at the moment. 
The best thing about this product is that you can connect is to any 3.5mm portable music player or phone and you can listen to it through the earmuff headphones whilst they keep your ears warm! The site lists all the models of phones that it is compatible with. The audio from the headphone is good quality and clear. I’m not one of those people are fussy about head phone sounds, just as long as they play the music! However, before I tried them out, I thought the sound wouldn’t be as good as there is a soft fur lining around them but this doesn’t affect it at all. They fit well and comfortable, they aren’t too tight and they don’t slide off my head. For £19.99, they make a great holiday gift. I am going to buy a pair of the plain ones when they are back in stock, maybe after Christmas when I have some extra money to treat myself. I suppose you’d only be able to use this during winter when you’re outdoors, but it is something that you’d be able to use when the cold season comes round again! You can never have too many winter accessories when you live in England! MobileFun last post before Christmas is Thursday 20th December. They offer a fast service and postage start from £2.99 for standard delivery. 
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25 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Idea: Earmuff Headphones

  1. These are just the cutest! I was saying to a friend the other day how earmuff/speaker combinations were such a good idea and that somebody should really start making them… apparently some bright spark out there was way ahead of me!
    Kaz x

  2. my cousin is having a love affair with penguins at the moment. She would absolutely love these and she lives in Wisconnsin so it's definitely practical as well!

    Good music choice as well, by the way.

  3. UMMMMMM yes please, I will have twenty of these for Christmas! Sooo friggin cute! I think the penguin ones are my favourite. I'm gonna send my boyfriend a sneaky link of this page 🙂


  4. Hello! These ear muff head phones are so cute! But may I ask you where you got your phone cover from? I really love it and am about to get an iPhone 5 so am on the hunt for a nice phone case! Thank you! 🙂

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