It may be a little too late to conduct this, but for my Final Major Project at university, my concept was initially inspired by the emotions in love letters (or any letter, in fact) and in a generation of Facebook and MySpace, one of my aims is to re-promote writing through fashion.
It would be brilliant to get a bunch of lovely handwritten letters and get them put together in to a book, or use them to sculpture a dress together. The result will be exhibited at Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court in June along with fellow fashion graduates.
You can either send a random letter to me, tell me about your day, anything. Or you can post an old letter which you no longer want. Or you can send me letters annonymously, or address it to anyone you like. (Dear Lover, Dear Brad Pitt…etc)
Anything with emotion, and with meaning and substance. Can be as random and creative as you like. Use of paper and ink is your choice. All aspects of your letter will be used, even envelopes to the stamps.
And if you would like me to write back, just put RSVP plus your address. 
Below are some of the images of my work from the studio at uni.

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7 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness makes the world a better place

  1. Oh my goodness this looks utterly amazing. I will write an anonymous piece to ya doll all the way from NZ 🙂

    All the best for this project!!

    xo Eeli

  2. i think you will need to include an online tutorial page to remind people how to write on paper 🙂

    love the idea and love the look of the finished product! really cool how you’ve mixed it in with fashion – yum!


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