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As you can see, the blog has had a make-over! For the longest time, I have wanted to give Temporary:Secretary more of sleeker, grown up look. I had put it off for several reasons; I was scared of change and I was scared readers wouldn’t like it. My plan was to make the drastic changes before the New Year so that I can the blog can get a new, professional look and a fresh start, but I kept holding back. I had also become attached to the girly, pastel colour scheme because I had comments from people telling me how much they love it and from getting that feedback like that made me more reluctant to strip it down. But I knew it was time to move on from that and grow up! Now I wish I did it ages ago. It’s amazing what change can do!
Thanks to pipdig for installing the template and ensuring everything works! I have spent the day tweaking the blog layout, and I think I’m finally done. I’ve got a new header, new menu bar and a couple of new things on the side bar. I just wanted to write a little something to acknowledge the changes before resuming my blogging schedule tomorrow.
I hope you like my new blog design as much as I do! If you’re thinking of giving your blog a make-over, I highly recommend pipdig!
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46 thoughts on “Let’s Do A Make-Over!

  1. I love the new look!! I have never changed the look of my blog massively, only tweaking the layout and logo every now and again. This post has inspired me to be bold and have a makeover too!! Thanks! Lily xoxo

  2. I liked your last layout, but this is much easier to navigate and read without getting distracted πŸ™‚ happy new blog!

  3. My blog used to be pastel purple/orange/pink! It was a little hard to part with, because the fun colors felt like a part of my personality, but I've really come to appreciate minimalism! Minimalism is timeless πŸ™‚ and I agree, it makes me feel more mature as well, but I'm probably just as immature as ever πŸ˜› Anyways I love the new look! I find it very interesting to see how minimalism has started to make its way into your life (referring to how you're painting stuff white). I think I need to start getting rid of clutter too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Love the new look! It can be a dramatic change to adjust to a more minimalist look for your blog when it was very colorful before. I used to have all kinds of crazy backgrounds, but then I wanted a more grown up look too, so I went to for a cleaner template, which I now like better than the colorful templates I used on my blog.

  5. Phil is a genius, and I love his designs! I think your new design looks incredible, yet still like you! You look gorgeous in your new profile picture, Sarah πŸ™‚

    Emily |

  6. Look gorgeous! I LOVE pipdig; I've worked with Phil a few times now and he's currently in the process of re-designing my blog too! He's amazing. Your blog looks so sleek and clean cut (not that it wasn't before!) xxx

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