To round up the past 12 months in blogging, here are few favourite outfits from earlier on in the year.  I don’t know how to describe my style, it isn’t anything special or unique at all! I’m not as passionate about fashion as some people but I love clothes and always have done.
By definition, “snapshot” is a word to describe a brief or quick summary of something. Weather this is in writing or photography, a snap shot of something is enough to get an overall idea across without divulging too much and I feel that this is what blogs are, or at least that is how I would describe my blog; It’s a snapshot of me. I don’t share as much as some but I will somehow learn to open up to people more.

In general, 2012 has been an odd year, I had too many expectations for it to be “the best year yet”. I even remember writing those very words this time last year! I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know you all. It is great to have met so many people through it too. Last year, I had plans write more regularly and do lots of other things but I just haven’t managed it and I am a bit disappointed myself in that! This year, I started beauty posts as I got more and more in to make-up products (I used to stick to certain products and would never try new cosmetics) and this is something I aim to continue in 2013. That, and lifestyle posts.

I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution. Maybe I’d like to take more photos and capture more of what I’ve done and places I have visited, and then maybe get those photos printed so that I don’t lose them when my computer/hard-drive/memory card fails on me! Hope you are all well, enjoy New Years Eve and Happy New Year, everyone! x

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20 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Seeing so many of your outfits in one post makes me fall in love with your style even more! I'm not really sure if I have a resolution either, but that's alright. Have a happy new year, Sarah 🙂

  2. Happy new year! Those are some fabulous outfits, you can definitely work a hat. My new years resolution is to print more photos too. Happy new year xx

  3. I think you always look lovely Sarah – I love all your outfits and I would totally wear everything myself too! I'm the same when it comes to blogging, I had every intention of blogging more but I found myself slowing down towards the end of the year. I really need to get back into a better routine but sometimes….life just gets in the way! Happy New Year Sarah! xx

  4. Id love to see more beauty posts! Im the same myself, I seem to stick to the same products so Id like to branch myself out a bit more, I love how honest youve been about the year, happy New Year hope you have a brilliant year :)love your style especially the photos with the peter pan collar top and the cool story bro tee, you always look so cool


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