Dress Dahlia / Jewellery Temporary:Secetary / Jacket ASOS / Nail Polish 17 from Boots

A change of scenery today. I’m wearing the Ann-Marie dress from Dahlia, the dress doesn’t actually come with a collar, this is the same white top as I’m wearing in the previous post. My 2nd blog post for Dahlia is now on the website so please pop over to their blog and check it out when you have a spare moment!
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94 thoughts on “Outfit: Dahlia Heart Print Dress

  1. Oh that dress is super cute!! Very clever of you to transform it with the collared top.

    I really need to make more efforts with my outfits. I have lots of nice things I hardly wear. Maybe taking outfit pics again will motivate me to wear them more. I hate saying "new year's resolution" but this is something I can definitely do more of.

    Good luck with the competition!

  2. I really should walk down to the Quayside more often. You must have been so cold…bless ya little cotton socks. Lovely dress and in keeping with Valentines day coming up. Congratulations on the nomination!!!

  3. Huge congrats on being nominated hun! ^_^ Your dress is gorgeous and I always love how you style your outfits.
    You lucky duck with your £50 amazon voucher too – what are you going to get? I'm waiting patiently for pay day as I have my eye on a few books at the moment. I've been ill and stuck in bed so I've gone a bit book crazy! hehe. xoxo

  4. I looove this outfit! The dress is adorable and I've bene looking for a jacket like that. It was fun seeing a different backdrop. Sounds like you had a ncie day in Newcastle – I find it hard to get modern art sometimes as well, haha. Also, congrats on getting on the longlist for the MC awards.

  5. The dress is so lovely! One piece print dresses are so in right now! I've seen endless amounts in the stores & I recently purchased one with cats all over it! I've been lazy to blog about it though since I haven't worn it yet… the weather has been way too cold for me to venture out in a dress & tights! Bleh!!!

    Anyway, enough of my rambling… Great post!!! xo

  6. I love the heart print dress, it looks great worn with the top to show the collar 🙂 Congratulations on being shortlisted in the Marie Claire awards! x

  7. Congratulations for making it on the list! Will definitely be voting for you.
    And love the different scenery. I love Newcastle and this is a great background for some outfit posts.
    Gorgeous necklace by the way! x

  8. Gorgeous dress..I have to stop buying dresses with Peter Pan collars though! The best thing about Art galleries is always the gift shop! I hope you get shortlisted for the Marie Claire awards 🙂 x

  9. Aw your dress is gorgeous- love the peter pan collar and the print. Congrats on the Marie Claire short list! Yay! I totally understand the negative reaction to the blog awards but it's a touchy subject isn't it but there are also positives too. Anyways, good luck!!

  10. I keep meaning to visit Newcastle, but life keeps getting in the way. The location looks beautiful so I must make more of an effort! Congratulations on the nomination.

    Rosie xx

  11. I'd love to explore 'Up North' a bit more! I thought your dress had little watermelon slices on it at first 🙂

    Congratulations on the Marie Claire thing! I didn't see any negativity on Twitter about it? That's a real shame. You should be proud of what you've achieved and free to celebrate it as it's an exciting and very positive thing. It's also very well deserved. I'd imagine any negativity was coming from those who weren't nominated.

    Congratulations on the Amazon voucher too! That's fantastic! What are you thinking of buying?


  12. Voted for you 🙂

    The outfit is so lovely, the dashes of red in the dress really suit you. Also very clever with the collar top under the dress, I didn't realise it was a separate garment as it looks so in place.

    I love Newcastle, wish I didn't live so far South somethings :/

  13. Awwww, I love Newcastle so much!! Loving the little washing machine random comment, aren't you a lucky duck for getting the vouchers 🙂 Your first photo looks SO sharp and perfect! xxx

  14. Firstly congratulations on being nominated for the Marie Claire competition! I absolutely love the outfit you're wearing in this post. The 'Love' ring you've made is gorgeous too. xo

  15. Sarah, so excited to read your Dahlia post, they always have such amazing stuff on there site!
    You look lovely (as always don't you!) and HOW cute are you (cringe you'll probably hate me calling you cuteee) that you don't want to talk much about the marie Clare lists.. CONGRATS on getting onto the longlist! You deserve it.xx

  16. Your hair is looking beautiful! Love the leather jacket with the girl dress, gives it a nice edge.
    I've already voted for you in the Marie claire awards so I wish you the best of luck.
    Looking forward to your post on dahlias blog tomorrow!

  17. Sweet outfit, so cute and girly. I love Newcastle Quayside, I only live about an hour away so I like to have a trip there every now and again. Congrats on being nominated x

  18. I've never been to Newcastle, but it sounds worth a trip! I have an old school friend there too… so you never know! My favourite thing about the dress is the navy panels coming in at the waist… a lovely detail!
    & you never know who might need a washing machine! The fairy Hobmother intrigues me, who is she??!? [ps, voted!]

  19. Loving the different location, Newcastle is a city I'd love to visit some time, as I've never been to the North East before.

    Well done also on the Marie Claire List, I know that there's been a mixed view on the the competition, but I reckon it's a great opportunity if that's your area of interest.

    Love to hear what you got with your Amazon voucher, I've to kurb my enthusiasm for Kindle downloads this month, as my paid job is not full time until Feb. But so many good books….

  20. Loving the 'tash necklace! Def. going to vote for your blog in the Marie Claire awards. Negative vibes are just from those who are jealous – or concerned there are other blogs than theirs in the playing field. I was confused about the last bit of the post – who is the fairy hobmother? Off to google her…xx

  21. I loved the views of Newcastle you could get from the top of the Baltic, love love that city. Have so many good memories from being at university for four years there.

  22. congratulations on the marie claire nomination! You definately deserve it 🙂
    Im so happy that youre one of the dahlia girls too, you epitomise style and being an independent woman with so much going for her!

    lucy xx

  23. You look beautiful as always! Ive voted for you :)fingers crossed for you. I wihs I had the confidence to take pictures outside, but living on campus makes it difficult, I really would look nuts! Newcastle is one of those places I've always wanted to visit, but never have done. I think a visit will be in order this year to check it out. It looks pretty from your pictures, better than Preston anyway! I hope the blogging for Dahlia is going well, so happy to see you representing the UK 😉 xxx

  24. Aww I didn't realise you lived up north sweety! I live in Wallsend in Newcastle and every Sunday go to the market with my dad and get ice cream, strange in the winter!hehe gorgeous photos, I love seeing pics of my home city 🙂

  25. You look gorgeous! I love Newcastle i actually stayed in the Hilton hotel right next to where you were standing in the last photo. It's soo lovely up there


  26. I love Newcastle, I lived in Tynemouth for a few years. Wanted to go back and very nearly went to Northumbria Uni I didnt go in the end but everything turned out great anyway!

  27. Thanks for the comment back hun! I go up Newcastle quite alot nowadays most of my family live up there and i used to live there when i was a baby (not that i remembered it much) lol!
    I was actually going to get an appartment in the Quayside last year right by the hilton! The apartments there look amazing!!


  28. Hello Fairy Hobmother! What will you buy with your voucher? I loooove that dress, I envy you being able to keep the collar neat with another jacket over the top! I suppose the whole sleeveless thing makes it a bit easier. I had a job interview today and wanted to wear a pan collared blouse with a jacket over the top but had to change outfits because the stupid collar on the blouse wouldn't stay put. Aaaaahhhh the woes of my life. That turned into a long comment. Anyway you look beautiful as always 🙂

  29. I love Gateshead – the Sage and the Millenium Bridge is my favourite! Very cute dress! I'm obsessed with Peter Pan collars on dresses right now!

  30. Oo I like these pictures, sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone 🙂 Love the dress it's really pretty 🙂 Congrats on being nominated too lovely 🙂

    L x

  31. I love this dress, definitely one to brighten up the January blues! Congratulations on winning the Fairy Hobmother vouchers and for making the Marie Claire longlist. x

  32. I really love the Baltic, but I actually love modern art! So excited to live in Newcastle with the boyfriend soon 🙂 we'll definitely have to meet up with a group of bloggers… Congrats on the Marie Claire nomination.

  33. That dress is gorgeous, I love the heart print. Your jacket looks lovely too, I've been looking out for a leather jacket for ages but I haven't found any that I really like/suit me yet!
    Congrats on being nominated for the blog awards, good luck!

    Gillian x

  34. I've always wanted to go to Newcastle, especially to the Baltic! The closest I got was south shields to watch the end of the great north run haha. I love the moustache necklace, it's so cute. I love the idea of the fairy hobmother, I would love some vouchers to cheer myself up during January, I really want to buy some new cookbooks that aren't full of cakes but proper meals now that I've moved out haha.

  35. Newcastle seems like a pretty place to visit !! I've always wanted to get out of London for a day or two but never really got to do it =)

    Your hair looks amazing !!

    xxx Vee

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