So, Hi. First post of 2011.

It has been a while since I last blogged. Work has been mad since the new site launched in May, it has been manic. I have neglected the blog, not only because I have been so busy with the website but because I have been the most utterly boring person ever. For the past year, I’ve hardly been out and all I ever do is work (boooo). And the more I left it the blog, the more I found it hard to pick it back up. So, the way to go is to give the blog a new structure, give it a make-over and motivate myself to get it up and running again!

I have recieved emails, tweets and general suggestions of what posts that would be interesting for all to read. Lots have requested to know more of goes on behind the scenes, how I run the business and what I get up to when I am not being boring old Miss Temporary Secretary (which is not a lot if the last ten months is anything to go by!)
My last few posts have been business based, so what I intend to do is have a balance of both Temporary:Secretary news and my own blog posts from “behind the brand”. 

Please make yourself at home here, I’d love for you to stay. Have a read, and I hope you love the new blog…
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