My Monday blues soon went away when I found out that my blog is shortlisted for Look Magazine blogging competition. I was so excited about it all day and far too anxious and excited! To read my entry post, simply click here to view it. I am so overwhelmed by all the comments on that post. Thanks, everyone! And thank you to Look Magazine! And also a huge thank you to everyone on Twitter who sent such lovely tweets. Congrats to the other bloggers who got shortlisted, they’re all brilliant, and good luck for the next stage for when Look Magazine choses the finalists bloggers.
Instead of celebrating that with an outfit post, I’m going to embarass myself a little bit here. Why not! Something a little different, mix things up a little bit! I’m going to break it to you… I am the biggest dork in the world. You knew that already, didn’t you! Here are some out-takes from the last outfit post, looking far less composed! You know when a bee/wasp is buzzing around your face and people always say “They’re more scared than you are!” or “STAY STILL”!! Well, I never stay still (as captured below), quite the opposite, in fact. Once I pulled a muscle in my neck because I (over)reacted so quickly. I really hate the buzzing. Gives me the heeby jeebies! I am truly pathetic!!!! 


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77 thoughts on “An Overwhelmed Dork

  1. Aww your outtakke pics are so cute!! ^^ The first sign of a wasp and I am out of there haha! I get "stay still" and "they are more scared of you" too(especially in Cantonese LOL) BUT it's a wasp! 😛

    Congratulations on being shortlisted!!! I'm so happy for you and it is totally deserved! <3 Good luck as well! 🙂 <3

  2. Congratulations, you really really deserved to make the shortlist – fingers crossed that you get into the final five! 🙂 these pictures are hilarious, i'm exaaactly the same when it comes to any flying insect haha! x

  3. Congratulations!

    Love these pics – they did make me chuckle! I am awful with bees/wasps…I do the whole hand flapping/squealing like a right girl before legging it when one comes near me lol!


  4. Hahaha trust me, you are not alone when it comes to bees buzzing around. I freak out! Well done on being short-listed! You have my vote for sure 🙂

  5. Big Congrats! And these photos are hilarious, I have similar ones of myself ducking from the bees and wasps when taking outfit posts! ahaha xx

  6. Congrats on being shortlisted!! 😀 You totally deserve it!
    Haha, I love your outtakes! That's exactly how I react around flying bugs! xx

  7. hehehehehe….this post made me laugh:) Thanks for making my day as i'm super tired and sleepy right now and dying for lunch time. Btw, I loveee your look here, still looking gorge despite being dorky,lol but its all good cuz i've got the biggest bee phobia due to some childhood incident so i get the feeling,hehe…here's a little bee story for u:)I once saw a bee when i was in high school and it kept chasing me in the courtyard so i kept running around while screaming and swearing (FxxxK, sXXXt lol), and guess what? The principal had to rush over to calm me down while i was swearing at her without knowing (i covered my face in my hands), hahahahaha….so funny but embarrassing! hope that made your day too:)

    And a big congrats on being shortlisted for the Look Magazine blogging competition!! I'm sure your hard work will be paid off my dear:D


  8. omg these pics are so funny & adorable!! hahaha i freak out and spazz like a weirdo when a bee/wasp comes near me. i don't care who's looking, i don't wanna get stung!

    and congrats, dear!!! your blog is fab ^_^

  9. I hope you go all the way! Well done, this must be amazing for you!

    I hate wasps as well, don't worry, we are all united in our hatred of these creatures!

    Pip x

  10. You deserve it!
    Lol I love the second picture. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself, I look like that in pretty much 80% of my photos without any bees being around!

  11. Haha! You should photoshop in a monster in the second picture, your face is priceless! Congrats again on the shortlist, I feel like we're all in a cool little club now! (Sounds like I'm the dork here!)
    Burn the Blonde XX

  12. Hahaha you're too cute! Congrats on being shortlisted!! And where, might I ask, did you find such an amazing thing as bubblegum ice cream?

    Carmen Ri.

  13. Hahaa I love this! If only because I look very similar myself when confronted with the horrid things. It really is the noise they make! I've always said that if they were silent I wouldn't even flinch, the buzzing is just…uuughh.
    But onto more important things, congratulations! Wonderful news 😀 but I'm disappointed in your inability to eat ice cream, I mean…whuuuuttt?!?! 😛

  14. Ahahahaha such cute pictures. Congratulations on the Look Show stuff, I hope you make the final lot!!! x

  15. congrats sweetheart, you deserve it!!! funny pictures, i like it when people make fun of themselves, it shows how confident you are!

    jos xx

  16. Hahaha the pics are good. I stay still but my hand shoots up to my mouth because I'm worried it's gonna fly in there – people seem to find this amusing? :L well done on your award :)your writing is so fluent and I like the fact I see your tone of voice through your posts, I always think that is important. Great blog – I am now a follower 🙂

  17. This is why I love your blog!! These pictures are adorable and I am the same way with wasps…and pigeons. God I hate pigeons- I embarrass myself and flinch when they aren't even that close to me!

    Will be hunting down that nail polish that you speak of, I never think to look at 17!

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