love me beauty box july 2014
Love Me Beauty* – £10 + P&P
This month’s Love Me Beauty is a good one! It contains seven items and six of them are full size products! Altogether, the items in this box comes to a total value of at least £60 – which is pretty amazing! This is the best one I’ve received to far but here are my previous unboxing blog posts of Love Me Beauty boxes. 
Here’s a closer look of the contents in July’s edition of Love Me Beauty:

weleda sea buckthorn body lotion
Weleda Body Lotion, £15.95 – Full size
This one was a surprise item as I don’t remember seeing it on the menu when I was picking my box (each month there are three to choose from) but it was a very nice surprise! It’s also not on the information card so I’m wondering if this a bonus item – a very generous bonus item, no complaints whatsoever! This product alone exceeds the £10 you’ve paid for the box so there are going to be some very happy Love Me Beauty subscribers out there! You haven’t got long to use this all up, though. The expiry date for this lotion is August 2014.
so susan dual brow powder
So Susan Brow Powder, £11.95 – Full size
Such a shame that this has smashed in transit but these things happen and it’s totally an accident. When this happens, I’ve seen people kick off on social media page, all guns blazing! If this happens to you, just pop an email to customer service and they will be more than happy to sort it all out for you! So Susan is a brand that I’ve seen doing the rounds on all of these beauty boxes and it’s only due to bloggers that I’ve heard of them. This duo palette comes with a light brown and dark brown powder, and also a brush. 

love me beauty box july 2014, beauty blog uk
OFRA Pressed Eyeshadow £8.80 – Full size
Lashem Lash Enhancing Serum – 2ml sample (full size retails at £40)
OFRA Eyeliner Pencil, £7.60 – Full size
So Susan Flutter Mascara, £14.95 – Full size
There are so many items of make up in the edition of Love Me Beauty box, I love it. It’s a good variation of products too! The OFRA pressed eyeshadow is a nice shimmery gold, admittedly not a shade that I would usually go for but I think it could work as a base, and then maybe I could apply a matte dark brown over it and blend it in together. This comes with a hidden mirror underneath the powder.
The Lashem Lash Enchancing Serum is something that I’m interested in if it works! I’m cynical about things like this but only time will tell! This can be used on the base of your eyelashes or on your brows, making them longer, appear fuller and thicker with results are apparently visible within two weeks. This product was a cute little miniature sized version. 
I am a huge fan of eyeliners of all kinds! I can never have too many black eyeliner pencils so the OFRA one is a very welcome addition to my growing collection! It’s just your bog standard eyeliner pencil, which you can smudge for a smokey eye.
The gold wand in the photo above is the So Susan Flutter Mascara. I LOVE mascara packaging that isn’t black, so first off, loving the look of this already! I’ve decided not to open it yet as I’ve just had a clear out last night and I threw away so many mascaras that have expired and dried up. More than anything, I was shocked at how much money I’ve wasted! Mascaras have a short shelf life, and usually goes “off” after 6 months so I’m going to stick to the one I’m currently using and open a new one only when I need to! At £14.95, I’ve got high expectation for So Susan Flutter Mascara! 
Last but not least, this box also comes with a packet of The Teashed teabags. I thought there would only be 2 or 3 tea bags in here, like the one in May, but there are 20 whole leaf green tea teabags in there, which I suppose makes it count as a full size product? 
Love Me Beauty is a monthly subscription box in which you can choose between three menus. It cost £10 a month and you can sign up here.
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9 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty | July 2014

  1. I also received some So Susan products in one of my monthly beauty boxes I received here in Canada. Great stuff so far by them and love that they are doing some of their marketing/testing through us bloggers!

  2. Oh wow, so many full sized items! I'm liking the spread on there too. I'm thinking of signing up to another beauty box and this looks so good, the photos make the box so tempting! Also, YOUR PHOTOS <3 <3. I've been following your tips closely but mine turn out so crappy! I'm such a fan! <3

  3. I haven't tried this in ages, I miss having beauty subs! And people kick off so bad about smashed shadows…it's actually just careless delivery companies- happened to me so many times xxx

  4. Hi, did you try the Lashem lovely? I can absolutely recommend Rapidlash which honestly works (and quickly) I've tried so many lash growth products and none of them worked (Revitalash included) but Rapidlash (and Rapidbrow) are the only ones to actually grow and lengthen them lovely – just thought you might want to know.

    Elyse x

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