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How do we make time slow down? Because I’m not liking how quickly Summer is going! I feel like it’s only just started! This seems like another very quick month and yet again, a few things are a bit rushed as we’re coming towards the end of July. I’ve planned a monthly favourites tomorrow which is why I’m posting this Instagram round up now! I’ve blogged almost every day this month – apart from the two days that I was very unorganised! I don’t know whether my hard work has paid off or whether I should just slow the pace down a little. It doesn’t help that my general thoughts towards blogging/youtube/general social media has changed a lot over the past 6 months. It’s something that I need to sit down and think about.

I had an unintentional break from it all at the beginning of the month because I went back to my parent’s home to look after the little pets while the rest of the family went to Turkey. I had blogposts scheduled to go live during the time I was there so it didn’t disrupt the flow of things! I was so excited when I found out I’d be spending a full week with them. I was nervous at first because I know the dog needs constant care and attention, unlike the cat who prefers to be left to his independent ways! I managed fine though, I love Bonnie and Oscar so much, they are both so well behaved and did a good job with entertaining us (well, Bonnie did, anyway!).

I’m going to try and make the most of the Summer and what’s left of it! I’ve not done anything all that interesting in July apart from work this month, so maybe a little road trip is in order for August!

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