Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil
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Viridian Ultimate Beauty Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil* – 12ml – £12.95

As someone who has worn nail polish almost every day for the past few years (ok. a decade.), I should take more care of the condition of my nails but apart from the occasional sampling of cuticle cream, this is something that I haven’t felt I needed until now. I mean, I’m actually really surprised myself that my nails haven’t turned black and fallen off already! As usual, I turn to beauty experts when I need a bit of advice and this time, I was wondering how to maintain the condition of my nails and get them to look healthy again. They always have the power to persuade me to try a product I didn’t think I needed and one that I’ll end up being obsessed with. There are lots of benefits to using cuticle oils. As well as the beauty reasons such as wanting the appearance of our hands looking neat by getting rid of dry skin and giving your nails a well manicured look but taking care of your cuticles is fundamental as it prevents infections and painful breakages. Products like this protects and encourage growth so you can get your fingernails to grow faster. I’ve never had any major problems like infection, I’m lucky that they’ve not turned yellow either but I know that after over a decade of constantly covering my nails with nasty polishes can’t be good news so I thought that it is about time that I start taking care of them. 
In comes Viridian Ultimate Beauty to the rescue! Their nail and oil cuticle is organic and made from essential oils and botanical extracts. This is a gentle oil which contains anti-fungal properties. It is available in a 12ml glass bottle which will last absolutely ages. You only need a really tiny drop of it and the pipette application will ensure you’re able to control how much to put on. Lately, I’ve been using a lot of beauty products that comes in a pipette applicator and as long as they’re not eye drops (scary!) then I’m more than happy to use pipettes! They’re quite the novelty! This cuticle oil is gentle enough to use twice daily, drop it over your nails and massage it in to increase circulation and stimulate growth. It has becomes a simple addition to my routine because it’s really quick and easy to use. It’s a no-nonsense product and it does what it’s suppose to which is why I’ve loved using it. For an oil, it’s not overly greasy! It isn’t a messy or thick consistency like you’d expect an oil to be and it absorbed in to the skin very quickly. The scent of this is really nice, a really subtle lemon fragrance. It’s not a sharp citrus smell, it’s more creamy and sweet. Like lemon bon bons! Yummy!

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