If you’re craving Korean food in London, then look no further than On The Bab. This Korean street food-inspired restaurant has two locations in the city (Shoreditch & St. Paul’s) serving up a variety of traditional dishes with a modern twist.

The menu at On The Bab features a range of Korean classics such as bibimbap, baos, Korean fried chicken, and noodles. It’s a popular spot for lunch, dinner, and after-work drinks.

Since we didn’t have that much time to spare, we stumbled upon On The Bab and it seemed like the perfect non-fussy place to grab a bite to eat.

It’s not overcomplex dishes either and I think it appeals to the masses. I mean, a basket of fried chicken smothered in sauce? Yes, please!

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Yangyum Chicken

So this is basically crispy fried chicken with a load of sauce over it. There are 4 sauces to choose from and we ordered the “double” so we could pick two sauces; sweet soy and sweet spicy. This was a medium bowl with 12 pieces in which is enough for two people… we should’ve stopped there, but we ordered more…

Kun Mandu (dumplings)

I’m a fan of dumplings, and Korean mandu is no exception. The chicken filling in these pan-fried dumplings was delicious, but the price of £4.30 for just three small pieces seemed steep. At the time, the quantity had not been stated on the menu, otherwise I might have thought twice about ordering them. Despite this, I enjoyed the taste of the dumplings and would recommend them to other fans of Korean cuisine.

fried chicken baos, on the bab london, korean food in london

Fried Chicken Baos

It’s great to see the rise of baos in popularity as I have a personal connection to them. If you didn’t already know, “bao” is the Chinese word for “bun”, so you can refer to it as “baos” instead of “bao bun”.

My childhood memories involve having homemade steamed baos every Saturday for breakfast, thanks to my mum and grandma. As a result, I’m quite picky when it comes to their appearance and taste. Fortunately, the ones I recently had were flawlessly fluffy, which reminded me of the baos from my childhood.

seaweed salad

Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad is one of my all-time favourite dishes. Whenever I spot it on a menu, I simply have to order it! There’s something about the tangy flavour with a subtle oceanic taste that I just can’t resist. It has a tangy flavour with a subtle oceanic taste. The bright green seaweed is usually marinated by soaking it in water with vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. If you love bold, fresh and zesty flavours, I highly recommend trying seaweed salad.

For drinks, I had a glass of plum juice and a hot cup of ginger tea.

Verdict on On The Bab…

From the perfectly fluffy steamed baos to the deliciously pan-fried chicken mandu dumplings, On The Bab offers a great range of Korean dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. Additionally, the modern and trendy atmosphere of the restaurant creates a lively and enjoyable dining experience.

On The Bab is a must-visit Korean food spot in London for its delicious dishes, especially the Korean fried chicken. I can’t wait to visit again next time I’m in London.

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