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Boots is a retailer you’re never too far away from no matter where you are in the UK.

Have you ever popped into Boots for a meal deal and then find yourself sitting at your desk after your lunch break showing colleagues your latest beauty haul? With those 5 dangerous words “I’ll just have a look” which turns into “I’ll grab a basket” and before you know it, your hour is up and you’ve ended up with 3 bottles of shampoo, a whole new skincare routine, a 6-month supply of vitamins and multiple packs of cotton pads. I only went in for a meal deal.

You could say that Boots is a store that I’ve taken for granted, but one I’ve unknowingly relied upon for high and low points of my life. When I’m ill, I’ll head to Boots for medicine. When I’m on a trip & forget toothpaste; which shop pops into my mind ? Boots. Need a last-minute gift at Christmas? You’ll find me in the Christmas 3 for 2 aisle in Boots. And how about the time I lost my European 2-pin plug and didn’t realise until last minute? Boots in the airport to the rescue!

Go for the classic, not the cliché

The point is that no matter what you need, Boots have got your back. And that includes gifting. Where would we be without Boots during gifting season?!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, Boots is a first choice for many shoppers. To celebrate, go for the classic, not the cliché this Valentine’s Day – it is the perfect opportunity to surprise your love or best friend.

From classic presents like pretty PJs, and makeup gift sets, to unique gifts such as a subscription gift, there are plenty of options to make your babe feel special without splashing out on a dozen red roses and a fluffy teddy holding a velvet red heart. 

If you’re looking to surprise your best friend on Valentine’s Day with the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts read on to discover some affordable gift ideas that are ideal for every budget.

Film camera:

As a 90s kid myself, a big part of my childhood was getting snap-happy and then popping into Boots to get the photographs printed. As wonderful as digital technology is, I miss analogue cameras. Do we remember how much faith we put in ourselves to capture THE moment on a film camera? It’s the waiting until the roll is used up, then getting them printed and the anticipation of collecting the photos a few days after. The fun begins when you put them into a photo album in chronological order. It was such a process but one I actually miss.

I spotted this Kodak camera (film not included) which is a great gift for anyone who is a big photo-taker like me. I find film cameras quite daunting now but this one promises to be great for beginners. Photo printing has of course declined through the years but is still a service that Boots offer, albeit slightly different to what it was in the 90s!

Home fragrance:

You can’t go wrong with a candle, especially if it’s a Yankee Candle. They offer a variety of gift ideas for any budget, from classic jar candles to gift sets and reed diffusers, there’s a huge selection of scents, colours, and sizes to suit any house.

My favourite type of Yankee Candles are those that remind me of being on holiday, reminiscing about happy times. Take the time to consider what scent your recipient will enjoy and what brings back happy memories – scent can evoke memories and emotion, after all – and they will appreciate the extra thoughtfulness.

Beauty and skincare:

Not many things relax me but a bubble bath seems to do the trick. I enjoy a bath with low lighting and candles burning in the background, while I switch off from the “outside world”. I don’t make a habit of adding bath time extras but I do have a small supply of bath bombs and oils. 

Soap & Glory have a fantastic range of indulgent bath products including bath bombs in their hero scents, all perfectly wrapped as a gift. You can browse for Valentine’s Gifts For Her on the Boots website and filter by price to suit your budget.

Smoothie Star is my go-to Soap & Glory scent as, funnily enough, it reminds me of a time when I worked for them. I moved to London on a whim, found a job working at the brand’s head office, and they gave me a welcome pack filled with Smoothie Star products which will always take me back to that whirlwind of a time in my life.

Their skincare is pretty decent too, I can certainly vouch for that as a loyal consumer and as someone who’s had an insider’s peek at the work of their skincare product development team. It truly is a great quality at an affordable price point, proving that decent beauty and skincare doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Plus, no gift is complete without a little something from Soap & Glory!


Perfume is definitely a classic, not a cliché, and as it’s such a personal thing, it can be challenging to get it right, but it’s a great way to show your love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a thoughtful gift that can be personalised to reflect a person’s individual preferences and a nice way to show that you pay attention to the little things. Firstly, consider when they’d use it and how often to then determine what scent, size and type to buy. Eau de parfum typically lasts longer than eau de toilette, so if you’re looking for something that will last longer, go for an eau de parfum option. 

May I recommend Givenchy L’Interdit Eau De Parfum Rouge. The deep red packaging and ruby bottle design make it suitable for the occasion. 

Givenchy L’Interdit is both sweet and strong. With a heart note of orange blossom and jasmine, this version of L’Inderdit has the added warm scent of spicy ginger, blood orange and pimento leaf. The scent is bold to start but dries down to a spicy and floral fragrance.

With it being an eau de parfum, it has impressive long-lasting power. After applying, it will last for hours, ensuring that you smell gorgeous all night long. Not only that, but its distinct scent makes it stand out from other perfumes.

I hope this gives you a steer in the right direction for affordable yet meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Not forgetting the fellas, take a look at Valentine’s Gifts For Him to get some recommendations from Boots.

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