If you’re looking for a luxury spa break, the chances are, Rockliffe Hall would’ve popped up in your research on where to go for a UK Staycation.

As one of my Christmas present in 2020 (2020! I know!), I was treated a luxury spa break at Rockliffe Hall and after many months of delays, I felt the excitement of going on holiday for the first time in over two years. It might’ve been something to do with the rush of last-minute packing…

rockliffe hall hotel, spa and golf resortchampagne in hotel

It was my first trip away in almost 2 years, and I couldn’t be more excited! However, due to lockdown and a couple of mix-ups from Rockliffe Hall, the date kept getting pushed back. But we had been looking forward to this little staycation, so however long the wait was, it would be worth it.

rockliffe hall hotel room

With an overpacked suitcase bursting with stuff we didn’t need for an overnight stay, we headed to Rockliffe Hall for a day at the spa and evening dinner.

Where is Rockliffe Hall?

Nestled in the leafy village of Hurworth-on-Tees, ten minutes away from Darlington in the North East, Rockliffe Hall is a well-known 5 star luxury Hotel, Spa, and Golf Resort. Situated on it’s own estate in the suburbs of Hurworth, the grounds of Rockliffe Hall is quiet, peaceful, and serene. It’s perfect place to switch off and go off-the-grid for a bit.

On the day we went, it was pouring down rain. Not at all surprising. I had a bit of a Bridget Jones moment whilst walking up to the reception; leaving a trail of soggy leaves and droplets of rain as I dragged my suitcase, my freshly-washed hair now frizzy and mascara running down my face. Not the most graceful of entrance.

Luxury Spa break at Rockliffe Hall

Before we checked-in to our room, we spent a blissful 2-hours in the Spa Garden. And here comes confession time: I’ve never been to a spa before. But I am now obsessed and can’t wait to go again!

Rockliffe Hall Spa Garden

Their Spa Garden has a heated outdoor infinity pool. There’s also a sauna and steam room, heated lounges, fire pit, plus complimentary hot and cold drinks.

In the evening, we got ready for a 6-course tasting menu at The Orangery Restaurant. I had wondered if the six teeny tiny portions would fill us up but it did! Courses included cheese and onion ice cream, raw trout, Strawberries and Miso panna cotta. The cheeseboard completed our evening off nicely, as did the wine and cocktails.

Rockliffe Hall The Orangery tasting menuraw troutmiso pana cotta

I had the nicest time and it really helped to rebalance and re-energise my mind! It was just what I needed.

I’m now planning my next trip and even though I’d love to return to Rockliffe Hall at some point in the near future (it’s such a special place), I can’t wait to try somewhere else next time for a luxury spa break to see how it compares.

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