Can someone tell me why everyone is making banana bread and frothy coffee? The banana bread thing I totally get, and I’d be joining the banana bread club if my oven worked. But where has the frothy coffee thing come from? Is it Tik Tok? Most importantly, what is it and how do I make one? ☕️

I have installed and deleted TikTok 5 times now. Is it like Vine? Another Snapchat? I’ve downloaded it again to try and figure it out for myself. It’s literally part of my job to understand it. I’m normally an early adopter of social media apps but TikTok is a tricky one for my ol’ Granny head to get around. How do I get past the mining and dancing challenging?

Sunny weekend

What a difference the sunshine makes to your mood. It makes me feel so happy and positive, even if it is faux happiness and positivity!

I live on a main road (next to a ring road) and noticed that it is busier than “usual” (the new usual) which I hope isn’t an indication that people aren’t breaking the rules and are still conscious about the situation we’re all in and to remember to stay home despite the sunny weather 😔

I’ve had a calm and content weekend of tv, reading, and family FaceTime. We taught my Grandma how to use FaceTime so that was really nice. I felt so relieved to see that everyone is healthy and cheerful.

Binge watching

I had firmly parked on the sofa for the past couple of days, taking myself back to the mid 2000’s and reuniting with upper Eastsiders & their flip phones via Gossip Girl.

I thought I had watched every episode (the first time round) but it appears that have I completely bypassed the last season which means I don’t know how it ends! Will I be able to tolerate Dan Humphrey this time?… From what I heard about the final season, probably not.

They don’t make tv like they used to (ok, Grandma!) but to give you an idea of what my taste is, here is a list of my favourite tv shows:

Sex And The City (season 4 is my fave!)

Ugly Betty (so colourful!)

Dawson’s Creek (4eva. IDST)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (sassy!)

Friends (obviously!)

Not exactly breakthrough telly! But I would love any of your recommendations to add to my list? 📺

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2 thoughts on “Lockdown diary day 12 & 13: Am I too old to join TikTok?

  1. I have become OBSESSED with TikTok, it’s actually ridiculous – I’m far too old! Can’t imagine myself ever making a video but I love watching everyones! The iced coffees everyone is making look incredible but we don’t have an electric whisk so don’t think we’d be able to get the right level of froth!

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