Self care is: shaved legs, huge bubble bath and fresh bed sheets. Am I right!? 

Sound the KLAXON! 🔊I actually went outside today. Not just a couple of steps from my front door, but actually O U T S I D E. I even put make up on and wore a bra for the occasion.

Bra is a funny sounding word. Bra.

I literally walked 2 minutes down the road and that was all the distance I dared to go. I checked on my new house and walked back up. But that’s it for now, I won’t be leaving my flat for at least another couple of weeks…

Following on from yesterday’s blogpost, I have some pics of my new house to show you. Exciting!!!

It’s not much but here’s a sneak peek:

The landing is bright, airy, and a blank canvas. I love the wooden floors but I can see this get mucky quite quickly, unless there’s a strict no shoes upstairs rule. It’s not so much me, but James is terrible for walking around in shoes, which he polishes every single night and have been known to mark the carpets with wet shoe polish 😡

I might give the banister a fresh lick of paint too… when I can eventually get hold of some paint. Not essential right now, but that’s ok!

I’ve got two double rooms and one box room, which I’m turning in to an office. I can’t decide which of the two other rooms I want to make my bedroom. This one pictured is at the back of the house so is probably quieter.

The owner has done a deal for the furnishing in the house which he bought for when he was considering renting it out / Air BnB, so they’re new. It’s not quite the bed I wanted but for the price he’s offered for one double bed, one kind size bed, a couple of John Lewis cabinets, and some other bits and pieces, I snapped his hands off.

I have been looking and looking but haven’t found a bed I like. (Er, how expensive are beds, though?!) While I save for a really nice one, this one will do for now. Plus, it goes with the “Victorian” style. I’ll make it work.

Question is… shall I get rid of the dark walls in this room? It’s the only room with dark paint and it’s not really to my taste and I find it creepy in an old house like this (that chair next to my bed isn’t staying!!!) but I think I may warm to it.

I can’t wait to get in this bath! My plan is to get the bathroom re-tiled, but all in good time.

I’m lucky that the house is pretty much furnished with beds, wardrobes, dining table, and white goods, so that I can move in and live in it as it is for now.

I bought a sofa set in the January sales but manufacturing and delivery are on hold until further notice. The owner said we could loan his for now as the man with a van isn’t going to be working at this current time. Anyway, that was super nice of him.

All of this will help me to save money, and I am going to be sensible and save to get things done bit by bit to suit my taste.

Sorry this has been another blogpost about the house. Will mix up tomorrow with some other chat!

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2 thoughts on “Lockdown diary day 10: A sneak peek of the new house

  1. How exciting, looks lovely – that bath is gorgeous, our biggest mistake was replacing the bath with a large shower!

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