It has been 8 days since I’ve been outside. I thought I’d struggle with the thought of not going outside but it turns out I am much happier cocooned in my safe little bubble. Turns out this introvert thing is like riding a bike, especially now that I’ve got a good routine going.


I know I’m allowed to go outside once a day and that’s it’ll be good for me. But all it does is at the moment is make me think that the moment I go outside, there’s a chance I’ll catch something and it’s guaranteed that I’ll spend the next 7 days FREAKING out that the symptoms are going to appear. My luck is not so hot at the moment, for the sake of my sanity, I don’t want to risk it.

Now that I have the reassurance that I’m ok, I can relax a little bit. But let me tell you, the past 8 days have been intense. I’ve greeted a person at my door last week with caution, armed with a bottle of Dettol spray.

“Stand back. Don’t come any closer or I’ll spray!” 🔫

“Put. The. Dettol. Down. Step away from the Dettol!”.

Who needs sleep anyway?

I woke up the other day at 3am thinking I had a sore throat. It’s a re-occuring pattern. I don’t even know whether I actually had a sore throat at the time or whether it was a figment of my imagination (most likely the latter). I had a spicy dinner that evening and it seemingly gave me a slight pain in my mouth. That what my conclusion is.

That’s a long-winded way of telling you that I’d rather not venture outside for the government-approved once-daily walk/exercise allowance. Not yet. I did, however, open my window today and stuck my head out. Enjoyed fresh air like a dog sticking it’s head out of the car window with it’s tongue flapping sideways from it’s mouth.

Anyway, that night I woke up too stressed to go back to sleep, I crawled out of bed and into the lounge, made a makeshift sleep arrangement on the sofa, stuck Tiger King on the telly and watched the rest of the series.

Hello, excuse me, but how mad is Tiger King, please? Don’t want to spoil it for anyone but…. Carole fuckin’ Baskin. OMG.

I’m watching The Crown now which will keep me busy for a couple of weeks. I started watching it last month but I stopped because I wasn’t feeling it. With everyone telling me how good it is, I’m going to stick to it during da lockdown.

Hashtag house tour

By the way, how the frick is it only Tuesday? Spent the day thinking it was Wednesday 😐 On my desk at work (back in the office, not this WFH thingy), I have two calendars to keep me in check with what day it is. Quite clearly both calendars are needed!

This evening, the owner of the house I’m buying from called via FaceTime. Me being the negative Nancy that I am immediately thought “he’s facetiming to tell my to my face that the deal is off, he’s changed his mind and I’ve lost the house”. This silly brain of mine.

He called to show me around the house (hashtag house tour!), given the current circumstances ‘n all. The house is super nice and I have plans to tell you all about it now that I’m more positive and upbeat about it. Now that I know it’s still going ahead and that it’s finally going to be mine soon.

Pamper time to pass the time

After work today, I worked out for 30 mins challenging myself to a routine that’s a bit more difficult than yesterday’s session. Then ate some leftover chicken katsu curry (without the katsu bit!) and picked out some beauty products to use tonight.

Pamper time is the best time and much-needed! For some reason, I’ve had a small breakout on my chin but it seems to have calmed down slightly. Probs a combination of stress and using double blob of cleanser the other night which made my skin more oily than normal. Less is more!

I’m using Beauty Laundrette bath and body products tonight [gifted] – how cute is the packaging?! 😍 I might also brave the foot mask that my sister gave me which makes your skin peel off. And then tomorrow I’ll be removing all of my body hair out of boredom. Yep.

beauty laundry

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1 thought on “Lockdown diary day 8: Put. The. Dettol. Down. Step away from the Dettol

  1. Ugh. The Crown. I still feel guilt for not being caught up but I just couldn’t get into the second season for some reason and have been dragging my feet. Now truly would be the best time to sit and have a watch…but it’s also kind of serious and maybe I’m just not in the mood? Tiger King was wonderful though. Great distraction!

    xoxo – Kelly

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