I didn’t make any fudge like I said I would because I didn’t buy any cream. Cream was not on the shopping list. Cream is not an essential item. Which is just as well because I would’ve eaten the whole lot and I think there’s like, 500 calories in one cube or something. Instead, I did a late-night work out. I feel like a new woman.

My new business venture…

In the summer of last year, I went through a phase where I might have had an unexpected opportunity for a career change and I spent one weekend brainstorming what I could do. I had been toying with the idea of running my own business again and have a few ideas in the pipeline. In my panic-stricken mode (which is my permanent mode, incase you hadn’t already realised), I randomly had an idea to start a fudge company.

Does that sound like a really stupid idea?! I don’t know how I came up with that but my business concept was based on producing and selling unusual flavoured fudge. With marketing and social media being my strong point, the branding would be unique and on point. I’d do online orders, trade at the food markets, and pitch to stockist. I had done this before (not with fudge, with someone else) and know that I have got the determination and creativity to push myself to succeed.

Things worked out in the end so I didn’t need to bring this idea of mine in to fruition, but I had one crazy weekend of making fudge (don’t know who’s recipe I used) and as I was exploring YouTube, I came across Cupcake Jemma’s tutorial for how to make chewy salted caramels so I gave that a go with the ingredients I had left over. Look how nice they look!

salted chewy caramel toffees

I’d recommend giving it a try if you want have a little time on your hands(!) and if you remember to buy to right ingredients… cream and syrup and a sugar thermometer isn’t exactly a priority right now. If presses all the right buttons if you’ve got a sweet tooth. I spend half a day just on wrapping them individually in parchment paper!

Day 7 – Feel the burn

On day 7, I have finally got my act together and started working out again! I really am finding new ways to motivate myself. The first few days were tough in being productive and I was forcing myself to spend every single minute being busy which ended up being draining. Six days later and all I needed was a little patience.

I was inspired by my Mum to get my little butt exercising, she has been sending me YouTube links to work out routines (what is she hinting at?!) and videos of her doing these (Go mum!)

I changed into my gym clothes (which I forgot I had!) and started doing some squats and (attempted) high kicks to Despacito, and before I knew it, I had done one full hour of exercise. Woop woop! Maybe my summer body won’t be postponed until 2021, after all! I CAN DO THIS!

I’ve been wanting to lose at least a stone after putting on almost 3 stones in the last 3 years. I was one of those annoying people who could eat whatever I wanted without putting weight on, but as soon as I turned 30, my metabolising was done for. It was a shock to the system so I obviously didn’t know to change the eating habits that I had all my life, and at first, the weight creeped on me to begin with and the lbs just kept piling and piling. It’s not so surprising since all I’ve been talking about is fudge, crisps and constant snacking.

By the way, my snack cupboard is still quite full and I’m rationing one bag of crisps per day at lunch time. See…

snack cupboard

It was April 2017 and I had started working in an office, it was an unhealthy, and quite frankly, a wierd-ass environment, and I found every excuse there was to comfort eat. Had a bad day? Too busy? A stressful meeting with the managing director? Train delayed? And because it was always someone’s birthday? 🍰

The excuses amounted to 2.5 (and a bit) stones. I joined the gym and started going 3 or 4 times a week which I actually enjoyed, but I didn’t have time to keep this up to justify my membership so stopped after 6 months.

To be fair, some might say that I look healthier now and I probably would agree even though I can’t fit in to my outfits and I am too frugal to buy new clothes. I’m proper Yorkshire, me! I just need to start exercising again (if only to release them endorphins!) and tone the fuck up! 💪🏼

The irony of starting the blogpost about my caramel-making weekend and complaining how I’ve put weight on with minimal exercising has not been lost on me! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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