Do you know what’s underrated? Sweetened condensed milk. For breakfast today, I had a piece of toast with a layer of peanut butter and a drizzle of condensed milk. I urge you to give it a go before you make that squirmy face you’re making right now.

Well, happy Friday…. I guess?!

I’ve actually had a productive day, I might be finally getting back in to the swing of this whole working-from-home sitch. Couldn’t actually recall what I’ve done to warrant it a productive day but I’ve done more today than I have the past few. I’ve been in the denial phase so I suppose now I’m just accepting that this is my new routine for a little while.

Actually, I can recall a few of today’s tasks. I paid an overdue bill, tried to claim a refund on my monthly train ticket, and batch-cooked my meals up to Sunday. That’s as exciting as it gets, guys. Sorry.

At lunch time, I witnessed a middle aged couple having a barney at each other outside the front of my flat. All I kept thinking was “please keep 2 metres apart from each other, please keep 2 metres apart each other”.

I’ve always lived quite central and in busy areas, so I have seen some dramas in these times, especially when I lived in Newcastle city centre across the road from St James Park. Can you imagine. I didn’t have to watch the soaps for the drama, I had it all happening right outside my flat.

I couldn’t make out what that woman today was yelling about (something about bog roll, probably) but she was proper radged and at first it caught my attention because it sounded like a seagull, but it was an angry woman screaming at her hubby. Times are tense, everyone is up a height. It’s not the first time things have got heated.

James and I have had petty bickering lately over hand sanitiser, sneezing, and hand-washing (I told you. I. Am. Obsessed). We’ve been together for over two years together and he’s only just starting to realise how neurotic I am. Buckle up, Jimmy. It’s about to get rough, chickpea.

I don’t want people to roll their at eyes at me when I suddenly jump from talking about what I had for lunch to the latest launch of hair removal creams (!). For the purpose of transparency (very important on blogs!), I want to touch up on a few things that have been happening lately. I want to get this out of the way so I continue to talk about the snack cupboard, my growing collection of hand creams and all things trivial for a bit of light relief.

Aside from COVID-19 chaos, life has been quite rough lately. My grandma had a fall the other night and had to stay overnight in hospital before being driven back to the care home by staff because my Mum wasn’t allowed to enter the building.

My hospital appointment which was scheduled for next week is now cancelled. I understand why it’s cancelled (well, postponed) but it’s making me anxious than I need to be.

My cat, my first love, Oscar (you all know my baby Oscar!) who lives with my parents had a suspected blood clot and now one of his paw has no feeling. Last week when I found out, I cried for the entire weekend. Like, cried-until-I-couldn’t-breathe type of crying. He’s been to the vets a couple of times. He’s fine but disabled. He’s in good spirit, eating, going to the toilet, and is lively albeit hobbling around. I check in with him via my Mum and she gives me all the important updates. He has indeed eaten and he has done a poo.

If you saw my Instagram Story a couple of weeks ago, you will also know that my hair started falling out at the beginning of the year. It’s in one area and thankfully, it hasn’t worsened since I discovered it. But it’s the size of a 50p coin on the crown of my head and it doesn’t bother me now but only if I don’t think about it. Only I do. And often. But I’m taking prescribed supplements and it’s very slowly growing back.

To add on top of this, I am buying a house as a solo buyer (wooooo! Girl power!) and I was so close to completing next week – Friday to be precise – but today I was asked to hold off due the disruption we’re all experiencing right now. It’s for the best and I’m in no rush, luckily I can stay in my flat for the time being, but I just hope it doesn’t fall through after all this time and I hope the owner doesn’t get pissed off about a potential delay. Between all agents involved, I am stuck in the middle with advice coming at me from all angles with very little certainty and lack of direction.

I know I said I didn’t want any sadness on these blogpost, and I really don’t want to talk about it outside of this blogpost, but I didn’t want to pretend that everything was coming up roses or that I’m writing about mundane things without thinking about what’s actually happening in the world.

There’s a few more other things going on in the background and I know that there are bigger things to worry about than what I’m writing, but PLEASE can I just go back to talking about trivial things like Netflix and blogger parcels? It makes me happy to talk absolutely drivel.

What are you all binging watching at the moment? As a kid, I loved watching telly. But as an adult, I honestly have zero patience for it. I’ve got the attention span of a traffic cone when it comes to watching tv. I’ve only recently jumped on the Netflix bandwagon, I would love to know your recommendations! Nothing scary and nothing that would make me cry!

Thanks to those who have visited the blog recently to read my ramblings. I really appreciate it and hope it proves you a distraction for at least 5 minutes of your day! I think we all need some diversion of thoughts to break that anxious cycle. I promise tomorrow will be a more chirpier post!

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