So I’m in my mid 30s and I’ve grown out of watching animations, I’m partial to Radio 2, and I’d rather spend my money on a Teflon pan than an outfit from Topshop. But will I ever grow out of things with cute Korean beauty products? Nope.

But behind the colourful packaging, is there more to it than the kitschy branding? There sure is! Korean beauty brands – or K-Beauty as it is also known as – are ahead of the curve and their innovative products have changed the game. They were the first to bring us BB cream and sheet masks.

I’m aware that there are some of you who have strong opinions about the likes of Soap & Glory, Too Faced and Benefit Cosmetics, so I completely I understand that this type of whacky packaging is not the most popular with consumers in the UK; although Korean beauty brands is currently an up and coming trend in this country and now available on various retailers, I do wonder if that’s the reason why Korean beauty products haven’t entered the UK market in full force much earlier?

chateau labiotte wine lip tint

Unsurprisingly, the cute thing is a common marketing ploy in Far East Asia. But I know what you’re thinking… why would it appeal to a grown-ass adult? I might be mistaken as a novelty item but the product behind the cuteness is actually pretty effective.

For a while now, I’ve been aware of Korean beauty products from brands such as Etude House and TonyMoly but haven’t had the chance to see or test it in person to judge whether if it’s worth the money until my trip to Hong Kong.

Now that it’s available in retailers such as Boots, ASOS and Skinnydip, I thought I’d offer my my 2-cents on a few Korean beauty products that I’ve tried:

tony moly beauty products

Tonymoly Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub, £12

Hidden behind this adorable ghost is a blackhead scrub stick. The mud balm has cellulose beads inside is to help extract black/white heads, remove sebum and exfoliate for smoother, cleaner skin.

Tonymoly Tomato Lip Balm, £8.00

This tomato lip balm is part of the mini fruit lip treatment collection. I don’t know what drew me to the tomato, it was probably because it’s different to the the usual fruity balms you come across.

You’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t smell like tomatoes, it has a generic fruity scent. The balm is clear and features SPF 15 to protect lips as well as keeping them smooth & plump.

chateau labiotte wine lip tint

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint, £12.00

Wine-loving beauty fans. This is for you.

The Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints come in several red shades, includes wine extract in the formula and gives a deep tint that last for several hours. It’s just as good, if not better, than the high street beauty brands.

too cool for school beauty products

[gifted] Too Cool For School range*, from £8.50

The Egg collection is Too Cool For School’s bestselling range. Everytime I come across this (which is now available in Boots), I used to think that every Egg product was like the texture and consistency of raw egg white. Like clear and slimey. But I can assure you it is not.

Using the benefits and goodness from eggs, the formula does contain egg whites and yolk extract. There is so much in the range that you can try but I recommend the Egg Mouse Body Oil and All-in-one Egg Mellow Cream.

korean sheet masks

Sheet masks, from £1

Before they were widely available in the UK, I used to ask my relatives in Hong Kong to send me sheet masks. Now you can buy them in all good beauty departments including M&S, House of Fraser, TK Maxx, Boots and even Victoria’s Secret. And there’s so much choice from hydrating, brightening, self-heating, bubbling, foaming, priming… the list goes on.

Nothing beats a proper facial with a nice face mask, but nothing everyone has the luxury of time, so a sheet masks is a mid-week quick fix for those who are stretched for time.

seoulista beauty sheet masks
[gifted] Seoulista Beauty treatments*, from £5.50

Talking of sheet masks and quick fixes, you can also get treatment packs for your hands and feet too. Technically, Seoulista Beauty isn’t a Korean beauty brand as they are founded and based in Battersea in London but they are passionate about K-Beauty and Seoulista products are inspired by their innovative methods and processes.

The treatment gloves and socks are still a novelty to me! Infused with a serum which helps restore, soothe and hydrate, you simply slip them on like gloves and socks, and wear for 30 minutes.

For the summer, you can put them in the fridge prior to use and give yourself a refreshing at-home treatment to remedy tired feet.

Read more Korean beauty product recommendations here.

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3 thoughts on “Korean Beauty Products: Is It Worth The Hype?

  1. Sarah, I’m with you. I know K-beauty is felt like a cool trend but I see some substance (I mean something that really works) behind most of these cosmetics. I’m often attracted by the kawaii packagings and/or designs but I’ve found some good skincare and makeup. I still think face sheet masks are sometimes overpriced, so I try to ‘squeeze’ from them the last drop of serum to use it later…
    To conclude: why not? Everyone needs a cute and effective cosmetic!

    Have a fab one!

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