One of my favourite part of Christmas shopping is buying all the little gifts and festive knick-knacks to make a really great stocking for my little (not so little anymore) sister. The fillers of the Christmas stockings have changed considerably throughout the years, as you can imagine.

When she was little and still believed in Santa, I literally took inspiration from Friends  one year and made a sock bunny (complete with googly eyed) in a last minute panic, along with a note from the big man… mainly to apologise for such the crap stocking fillers!

These days, with my glue gun hung up, I have retired my crafty skills(!)  and have opted for nicer stocking fillers. Since the magic of Santa has long gone, we class the stocking as one of her main gifts from me to my little sis.

Whether it’s gifted from “Santa”, a sibling or friend, I think it’s nice to continue the tradition of the Christmas stocking.

So if you’re stuck on what to stocking fillers to buy this Christmas, here’s my guide on how to make the best stocking full of things that your girl wants!

Cienna Rose Nail polish

Cienna Rose Nail Polish, £9*

Who doesn’t like discovering brands that are lesser-known but that create products which are equally as good as something you find on the high street?!

Cienna Rose is a nail lacquer brand that produce non-toxic, 12-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly polishes in an array of gorgeous shades. Prices start from £9.00 for individual bottles and £23 for beautiful gift sets.

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Make-up is easy when you have the right tools!

This 4-piece brush set equips you for a flawless look. The flat foundation brush is designed to achieve streak-free liquid base products, the precision/concealer brush is for dotting around small areas of blemishes, the tapered brush is for contour and highlight, and the buffing brush is for sweeping finishing or setting powders.

Brushworks The Complete Tweezer Set, £9*

Who is always losing tweezers? They always seem to go missing (or being “borrowed” by other people who use your tweezers to pull paper out of the printer……!!!) However you use them/let other people use them, you can never have too many pairs. Brushworks The Complete Tweezer Set has 4 different styles in beautiful rose gold: slanted, straight, pointed and slant pointed, so you can tweeze and pluck with precision.

InVogue Eyelashes, £3.99*

I wonder, just how much, the sales of eyelashes go up during party season? As a glasses-wearer, I am green with envy of people who can make their eyelashes look with a pair of falsies! It makes all the difference to the final look!

Prices for eyelashes from InVogue start from a very reasonable £3.99, with lots of styles available.

NAIL HQ, £6.49*

Base coats are a must for those who wear nail polish all the time. Nail HQ have a decent range of nail care for strenghtening to brightening to help them look as best as they can all year round!


Wetbrush is my favourite brand of hairbrushes and I highly recommend them, especially if you have long hair. I don’t know how they do it, but they brush out knots and tangles without the pain. The only thing with this style of Wetbrush is that it’s not heatproof, I learned that the hard way when I melted one of them when I was blowdrying my hair. But I have since discovered that they have brushes that are suitable for blowdrying!

totes toasties gift set

Totes Toastie gift sets, from £8*

It’s nice to buy one or two medium sized presents to bulk out the stocking and Totes have some season appropriate gift sets such as hot water bottle and thick, fluffy socks in super Instagrammable designs!

soap and glory soaps


Soap & Glory have launched a range of soap to their indulgent bathing collection! The multi-tasking body bars are exfoliating, moisturising and cleansing, and have 3 delicious-smelling choices to pick from. Their best-selling Original Pink scent, their popular Mist You Madly and Call of Fruity, their most recent fragrance family.

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I love a good browse in Boots at this time of year and join the other people to do laps around the store with a basket full of mix & match gifts. It’s satisfying, if not a little stressful, to come away with the thought that you’ve got more than what you bargained for.

Don’t forget to look at the “regular” all-year-round products as well as the ones in fancy Christmas packaging.

Victoria's Secret body mists

Victoria’s Secret body mists, £15

Universally loved, the body and fragrance mists from Victoria’s Secret is such a nice present to anyone of all ages. And you can’t stop at just the one bottle… as you can see, I couldn’t resist a couple for myself in the Black Fridat sale, plus a few bottles for friends and sisters!

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