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Chocolate is a treat for the soul. Who agrees?

At the start of this year, I decided to be more healthy (new year, new me, you know the drill) and whilst I’m not vegan, one of the decisions I made was to lessen meat consumption considerably. The choice was made to be kinder to the environment whilst losing a bit of weight, save some money, and educate myself about plant-based food and vegan alternatives.

And when it comes to sweet treats, I wondered where to buy vegan chocolate and how certain ingredients are substituted.

I love discovering how delicious vegan-friendly treats are. The Vegan Larder recently sent me their Vegan Christmas Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box (gifted) to introduce me to a selection of chocolate treats from small independent producers, which are suitable for vegans. This introduction led me to search for where to buy vegan chocolate from other stores.

And, as for the taste-test as set by The Vegan Larder… well, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Where to buy vegan chocolate

About The Vegan Larder

Founded by Vanessa and Louise-Claire, two passionate vegan foodies who have teamed up to create The Vegan Larder, a business that champions delicious, innovative, and sustainable vegan food.

On their website, you’ll find hundreds of vegan recipes for meal inspirations that goes beyond veggie salads and soups! Amongst the recipes and reviews, they’ve launched vegan foodie gift sets and monthly food subscription boxes filled with incredible treats that are suitable for vegans – or anyone, regardless!

With contents that are handpicked and curated by Vanessa and Louise-Claire, each box features handmade, artisan food made by small brands and independent businesses.

Where to buy vegan chocolate

Where to buy vegan chocolate treats

Regardless to whether they’re vegan or not – these are treats as introduced to me by The Vegan Larder can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their diet choice.

Where to buy vegan chocolate

Cocoa Libre Chocolate Penguins

Four mini penguin chocolates housed in a festive cracker, these are dairy free and equally as delicious as any chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The chocolates are made with rice milk to give it that creamy texture.

It’s sweet, smooth, milky and the best bit? The little penguins are sold chocolate all the way through. Can’t tell you how excited I was about this. It’s a solid piece of chocolate! Highly recommend Cocoa Libre if you ever come across it.

Where to buy vegan chocolate

Slab and Tipple Vegan Chocolate & Orange Bar

Talking of solid chocolate, this thick slab of chocolate is what caught my eye when I first opened the box! Slab & Tipple’s vegan chocolate and orange combo is so perfect for the festive time of year.

I don’t eat dark chocolate much so the initial bitter taste was quite alarming but it is SO addictive because of it’s subtle sweet aftertaste. I really like the texture of this chocolate, it’s got the same sharp ‘snap’ as a bar of chocolate that’s been stored in the fridge.

The infused orange oil is an overpowering flavour, but the bitter, dark chocolate partners well with the candied orange slices, the flesh of which is so tasty and syrup-y! It’s actually irresistible and is bound to be every chocoholics’ dream bar of choc, vegan or not!

Where to buy vegan chocolate

Chocolate Hemp Fudge by The Hemp Pantry

How do you like your fudge? I’m a huge fan of fudge that I started making some, nothing to write home about but I realised how technical it is to get the right fudgey, smooth, brownie-like texture.

The Hemp Pantry was started by a professional chef called Matthew and as a business, they are encouraging sustainable food production to benefit people and the environment, using hemp seeds as an ingredient.

The Chocolate Hemp Fudge is delicious, albeit slightly on the crumbly side of the fudge-texture-o-meter but that’s obviously a personal taste. The fudge itself is very chocolatey and I’ve been reaching for those squares each evening after my dinner for a hit of something sweet.

Where to buy vegan chocolate

Norty’s Choc Orange Nut Butter

With this subscription box, you’re getting the opportunity to discover products that are created by real people that have a story behind the brand and who have a wealth of experience in high quality ingredients and innovative food ideas.

Norty’s was founded by a chef called Elspeth who trained as a chef in Florence and has previously produced a range of raw cakes, nut butters, drink blends and puds.

The Choc Orange Nut Butter pairs up deliciously with my porridge in the morning. I’ve yet to spread on toast because I’m cutting back on bread, but I’m sure it tastes lovely as a spread.

If the choc orange flavour isn’t your thing, they also have the following available; salted caramel, smoky bacon maple, chai, choc and coffee, and chilli.

Ananda’s Marshmallow Rudolf Round Up Wagon Wheel

Who remembers wagon wheels? They were it my favourite lunchbox treat when I was younger, as I’m sure it was yours too!

Ananda’s Marshmallow Rudolf Round Up Wagon Wheel is the most Christmassy treat in the box with it’s cute packaging and the festive foil.

The wagon wheel is made of gelatine-free marshmallow using real fruit jam and ingredients that are non-GMO. Cherry and Berry has a sweet cherry jam in the middle.

Where to buy vegan chocolate

Nouri Chocolate & Hazelnut Truffles

Traditionally, the smooth consistency of truffles are achieved by combining chocolate, butter and heavy cream. These ones are made of dates, hazelnut paste and cocoa. They taste nutty and bitter, Nouri’s truffles resemble protein balls rather than they are truffles. Beautifully packaged, these could be the perfect pick-me-up treat for you, if you don’t have a sweet tooth!

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