There are so many ways to do Secret Santa, especially in work places. We had the wonderful tradition of bad secret Santa at my previous job where we had the budget of £5 to buy the worst, tackiest present for someone. It was hilarious, but a waste of money.

Or, like in my current job, where you spend £10 on anything at all and the gifts are unwrapped in turns and can be swapped it with someone else’s until the last person has opened their present. Fun, entertaining and you might go away with a really great gift!

Whatever your Secret Santa traditions are, I think it’s a great way of gift giving… but my favourite is when you get someone that is easy to buy for and there’s a decent chance that they’ll love it and the gift is actually of use! Someone who’s in to beauty… just like me!

Here are some of my secret Santa gift ideas to give you some shopping inspiration.

Bee good gift set

Bee Good ‘Plant A Bee Meadow’ gift set, £25*

I’ve been a fan of Bee Good for so long and want to keep spreading the good vibes about what they do. Their Plant A Bee Meadow set features their daily hand cream which is a must-have for this time or year and 3 of their best selling lip balms, two of which was designed by an influencer. Or a “blogger” and “YouTuber” as we called them back in the day…

The gift set also contains a tin of bee mix wildflower seedballs which can be distributed in the garden, a window box, or anywhere in the open space that permits you to spread the seeds. A lovely touch.

Delilah mini lip trio


Delilah is a salon and spa brand, and this Mini Lip Trio is part of their Christmas collection. It includes 3 cute miniature lipsticks in wearable shades: Rose Petal which is a soft pink, Faithful which is a dusky nude, and Envy which is a peachy nude.

It’s a really sweet little gift for someone who is starting to get in to beauty as they’re not bold shades, they can be confident that these lippies are perfect for the daytime.



Another brand that I’m always chewing people’s ear off about. I love Tropic Skincare and have so many favourite products from their range. I love their skincare followed by the body range, and their make-up offering is pretty impressive too!

For the jet-setter, either leisure or work, they probably would appreciate some decent travel-sized minis. Cue Tropic Skincare’s Mini Body Wash set which includes 4 fruity and refreshing scents.

Formulated with the good stuff such as guava leaf juice, aloe vera and avocado oil, these body washes are gentle on your skin.

seoulista beauty

Seoulista Beauty Let It Glow – Crystal Clear Collection, £21.50*

There are so many sheet masks options available to us these days… and for anyone who loves a pamper, you can use all three of these packs in one sitting because one is for your face, the other are for your feed and the other for your hands. Perfect for the winter when our skin is suffering from the cold weather.

Seoulista Beauty’s Let It Glow Crystal Clear Collection includes Correct & Calm Instant Facial to soothe red and blemished skin, plus Rosy Hands and Rosy Toes for an instant boost of hydration and much-needed TLC.

Barber Pro gift set


On the topic of beauty packs, here’s one for the fellas!

Barber Pro Beauty Kit is a 3 step routine that rejuvenates their skin and I’m sure a kit like this will come in handy during the festive season whether it’s used to prep for a party the night before or to revive your skin the day after a drinks sesh… Tis the season!

This set contains a cleaning foaming mask to lift impurities, skin renewal mask to revive skin, and a pair of under eye patches to get rid of bags and dark circles. Happy days!

Missguided babe night perfume

Missguided Babe Night eau de parfum, from £22*

Can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of perfume, but they don’t always come cheap! For the sassiest gal in your life, I’d say the Missguided fragrance collection is ideal. I’ve got every perfume they’ve ever launched bar one so can vouch for how lovely the smell! Nothing beat the original Babe Power, but Babe Night comes in a close second which I think is an ‘evening’ version of their debut scent.

The recently released Babe Night comes in a black bottle with flecks of rose-gold glitter. The fragrance notes are lemon, orange, green apple, orange blossom, jasmine, pink peppercorn and vanilla.

Sanctuary Spa christmas gift set

Sanctuary Spa bathing gifts, from £4*

If all else fails, I’ll find myself heading towards Boots to go wild on their 3 For 2 mix and match. I gravitate towards either Soap & Glory or Sanctuary Spa, both brands have “crowd pleasing” gifts. Gifts you basically can’t go wrong with because people are so familiar with them! They unwrap the gift knowing exactly what it is and how to use it.

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