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What’s Inside October’s Birchbox

In the ‘golden’ (or rather olden) days of blogging, people were genuinely curious about what was inside beauty boxes such as Birchbox. But sometimes I think that the hype around subscription boxes have faded, however when I receive a new box Birchbox each month, I still get the same feeling of excitement as I did the first time.

Being the UK’s no.1 beauty box subscription service, members are expecting to deliver each month (quite literally!) but in my personal opinion, it is one of the ones who have kept it’s consistency and they have introduced me to brands who I’ve come to love.

I enjoy the monthly themes and the beauty samples selected to fit within that theme. October’s edition of Birchbox is a beautiful box that inspires to Reach For The Stars at a time when we could easily get stuck in a rut at this time of year. Contents of this month’s Birchbox includes:

Reusable cotton pads

GLOV Moon Pad

Day by day, I challenge myself to be more eco-friendly and cut down on the things that are known for harmful to the environment, so I’m really pleased to discover this pack of reusable cotton pads within the contents of October’s Birchbox. The moon pad replaces over 400 single-use cotton pads.

Vitamasques Morning Goggles Eye Mask

The older I get, the more I love eye masks. Funny that, eh! The Vitamasques one is different because it’s designed to be used in the morning although I like to use them at the end of a tough day, so I might just be a rebel and crack it open in the evening!

The masks uses caffeine and pumpkin to soothe tired eyes, protects skin from pollution and blue light (emitted by phones and computers screens).

lumene valo nordic c

Lumene [Valo] Nodic C Artic Berry Cocktail Brightening Hydra-Oil

It’s one of those skincare with a super long product name! I’m sure I’m not the only one in saying that my skin suffers during Autumn and Winter so I have to pay (extra) attention to what skincare I’m using. The liquid inside is actually quite aesthetically pleasing with it’s yellow/pink split.

Developed with Nordic weather in mind, Lumene’s formulas harness the power of various wild ingredients to help protect skin during piercing colds and drying winds.

This will be a welcome addition to my morning routine between November through to February. The lightweight liquid is not oily and it has a lovely fruity scent too.

birchbox october 2019

The Works In Transit Camera Close-Up

I like a multi-all-in-one product for a couple of obvious reasons. One) it’s a time saver! and two) it saves money! This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up is a 3-in-1 which ticks my boxes. It’s a mask, moisturiser and a primer.

This is the only product in the box that still has the seal in-tact because I’ve yet to finish using the existing base products that I’ve got. But if I like this, and I’ve got a feeling I will because it sounds like a miracle multi-tasker, then I will purchase the full size once the mini tube is used up.

Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

Always happy to see the Ciate liquid eyeliner included in these boxes as it’s my desert island luxury item. As it’s a product I use every single day, I go through liquid eyeliner very quickly.

I have perfected the art of applying liquid eyeliner – I’m applying it half-asleep on the train to work in the morning but the ones with a felt-tip brush makes it a million times easier, even on a bumpy 120mph ride.

New to Birchbox and thinking of subscribing to the monthly beauty box service? Take a look at what has been in previous boxes.

look good feel better make up brushes

This month, there’s a few offers on including a free Look Good Feel Better luxury brush set (pictured above) when you purchase the October box for the full price of £10.

The second offer is that new subscribers can get their first box for £5 (plus P&P) and a free mini MAC mascara as a bonus item.

And if you’re a student, you can get 50% off your first full price box! Enjoy!


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