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If you’re looking for places to eat in Liverpool, Mowgli is the one.

Mowgli isn’t your typical Indian restaurant, it’s a vibrant, stylish place to eat in Liverpool. It introduces you to the taste and flavours of Indian street food.

There are currently nine Mowgli restaurant across the UK (soon to be 10 with the newest addition opening in Leicester). If you live in one of these cities, I envy you. Their restaurant in Liverpool is a great place to eat and the decor is so instagrammable.

When I was staying in Liverpool overnight, Mowlgi was on top of my list of places to eat in Liverpool. There was going to be no ifs and buts about it; I wasn’t going home until I had eaten here. I went for evening dinner and I have been dreaming about it ever since.

Plus, I had to line my stomach before venturing into the Cavern Quarter and beyond…

the albert dock in liverpool

I was staying at one of the hotels near the Albert Dock. That makes it sound fancy shmancy, but it was actually a well-located Travelodge. Cheap and cheerful and in the perfect location, complete with an iconic view!

We zigged zagged up to Water Street with it’s beautiful old architecture and found Mowgli in just under 10 minutes walk, an easy walk even in high heels.

Places to eat in Liverpool

Street food inspired

Mowgli isn’t your typical Indian restaurant. Don’t expect chicken korma and naan bread (FYI, my usual curry order).

This place is all about breaking out of the cliche curry house and introducing you to the taste of Indian street-food style, from the variety of food choices to how it’s presented.

We made a bee line towards the bar to order drinks as we were slightly early and our table wasn’t ready. I ordered Rose Raspberry Sherbert, a non-alcoholic cocktail because I was saving myself for a couple of sambuca shots in town afterwards… (uh oh).

non alcoholic drinks at mowgli

For a Thursday evening, the restaurant was packed, so if you’re planning to go, I would recommend booking a table no matter what day of the week.

Once seated, the waiter asked if we had been before (I hadn’t) and gave us some recommendations on what to order. But as someone who downloads the menu and studies it carefully beforehand, I already knew exactly what I was going to get.

pani puri chat bombs from mowgli

First up were the Chat Bombs, a crispy puri pod filled with yoghurt and tamarind sprinkled with coriander and pomegranate. This is my kind of snack.

There really isn’t an elegant way to eat these, you have to shove the whole thing in your gob. All in one. Crispy, crunchy, smooth, refreshing, tangy, juicy. The best!

Places to eat in Liverpool

Best “fries” ever

Chat Bombs was followed by Angry Bird and Tamarind Fries.

The Angry Bird (grilled spiced chicken thighs) were deliciously crispy, served with a red cabbage & mustard slaw. The chicken wasn’t as spicy as I expected but it did have a slight heat which was balanced by the sweetness of the slaw which had lots of sultanas in (yum).

The Tamarind Fries was my favourite out of the whole lot. The rich and sticky tamarind treacle sauce created a really addictive sweet and sour flavour. By the way, if you’re thinking “they don’t really look like fries’, you’d be correct. They’re not fries as we know it. The potatoes are cubed. But… potato potahto.

mother butter chicken

The curries

Lastly, the curries.

I had heard about the Mother Butter Chicken and how a well-known supermarket was accused of copying, but this is the OG Mother Butter Chicken. It was pleasant, creamy and mild.

By the time I had a taste of the Agra Ginger Chicken, a tomato based curry with a kick of ginger and lemongrass, I was beginning to feel quite full so I didn’t eat too much of this. When the tiffins arrived, I didn’t think the curries would fill me up, but I was wrong.

The curries excited me as much as the other food on the menu – although, don’t get me wrong, it was equally as yummy – but next time I visit, I’ll order more from the street food dishes.

I loved my visit to Mowgli and I can’t wait to go back (or dream for the day for they open a restaurant in the north east!). Liverpool! You’re so lucky to have this place to eat!

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