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Do something your future self will thank you for; pay a visit to Duke Street Market, one of the coolest places to eat in Liverpool.

This dynamic and lively venue, recognised as one of the coolest places to eat in Liverpool, brings together independent food vendors under one roof. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the quality of the food is sure to impress.

Housed in a stunning century-old building at 46 Duke Street, the venue features two floors seating including the ground floor’s independent vendors. I love this type of food-court concept, even better when the vendors are independent (and one of them won BBC’s My Million Pound Menu!).

duke street market liverpool, Places to eat in Liverpool

Vendors and Food Offerings

The food is more upmarket than your usual food court but with that comes high food quality and presentation. Duke Street Market offers a laidback, comfortable and casual dining environment, – and very sociable too.

I’m assuming with the nature of this concept, that the kitchen often change. However, if you’d like to see what is currently being served, check out their kitchen page which currently includes: Kelp (seafood), Ginger (Asian food bowls), Bone and Block (steak), Cahita (Cuban street food), Big Lola’s (Mexican), and Vincenzo (Italian).

Booking isn’t necessary for the ground floor market hall, where seating is communal, meaning if there are spare seats next to you, you’ll likely be sitting next to people you’ve never met before.

The toilets at Duke Street Market are unisex, and dogs are always welcome at the venue.

salmon bibimbap korean rice bowl, Places to eat in Liverpool

One Stop Shop for Foodies

At the time of my visit, there were 6 vendors at Duke Street Market. Limited options? Think again. Duke Street Market offers diverse cuisines from Cuban, Italian, Asian to vegan-friendly dishes.

We ordered a salmon bibimbap (Korean rice bowl) which was a healthy choice, and then the not-so-healthy Cuban fried chicken with sweetcorn puree, corn bread, pickled watermelon and agave syrup. Plus, a plate of loaded falafels with sweet potato, chilli and hummus.

The salmon bibimbap was fresh and nutritional; You could describe it as a Korean salad that combines a variety of colourful veggies and rice. The salmon was seared but I wouldn’t have minded if it was served raw in this case. The assortment of crunchy, seasoned vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, and bean sprouts, provided texture. While the kimchi tied all of the flavours together, giving the bibimbap a spicy kick.

duke street market food in liverpool, great places to eat in Liverpool

loaded falafels, great places to eat in Liverpool

The Cuban fried chicken was delicately crispy, juicy and savoury, while the sweetcorn puree adds a creamy sweetness. The cornbread was nice with a crumbly texture, and the pickled watermelon adds a tangy and refreshing contrast. The pickled watermelon was what sold this dish to me, I’m a sucker for anything pickled! The drizzle of agave syrup added sweetness that balanced the sour and savoury.

Ultimately, the loaded falafels were a spur-of-the-moment choice. Nevertheless, we were in the mood for something spicy, and this dish hit the spot.

Duke Street Market is a great place to enjoy quality food. Our ordered dishes ranged from £6 to £10 per plate – perfect for a light lunch. However, I did spot steaks and seafood on the menu which will, of course, cost a bit more that what we ate.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and I think the concept is brilliant. Wish there was more of it up and down the country!

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