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duke street food and drink market

Duke Street Food & Drink Market

Do something your future self will thank you for; pay Duke Street Market a visit, one of the coolest places to eat in Liverpool.

I’m sat here thanking my past self for the food choices I made during my flying trip to Liverpool. It is the best places to eat in Liverpool, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m looking over on these photos now which is making me a bit glum that I’m not there.

Located on 46 Duke Street  in a 100 year old building, the two-floor restoration aims to bring foodies together with a selection of independent vendors on the ground floor and Pilgrim restaurant on the upper floor.

duke street market liverpool

Even though the food is a bit upmarket in it’s quality, price and presentation, Duke Street Market had a laidback, non-intimidating environment which makes a very social-able dining experience. Think of a food court but upmarket and you’ve got the right idea.

Booking is not necessary for the ground floor market hall. Seating is rather casual and communal meaning you will be sitting right next to people you don’t know. The toilets are unisex. Dog are always welcome. Perfect place to eat in Liverpool, if you ask me!

salmon bibimbap korean rice bowl

The Food

There are currently 6 vendors at Duke Street Market. Six doesn’t sound like a lot of choice and I was worried that I might not find something that I like, but there’s a good variety of food ranging from Cuban to Italian, to Asian street food to vegan.

We ordered a salmon bibimbap (Korean rice bowl) which was an extremely healthy choice, and then the not-so-healthy cuban fried chicken with sweetcorn puree, corn bread, pickled watermelon and agave syrup.

duke street market food in liverpool

Plus, a plate of loaded falafels with sweet potato, chilli and hummus (picture below)… because it appears that if falafels or hummus is on the menu, I have no willpower to resist.

loaded falafels

A selection of desserts are also available but I’m trying to be good since my metabolism has gone to shit (or it could be the fact that I’m eating my own bodyweight in falafel and hummus).

Duke Street Market is a great place to enjoy quality food. I didn’t have time to take a good gawp at the other menus but what we ordered ranged ranging from £6 to £10 per plate. Obviously, the steaks and seafood will cost a bit more.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and I think the concept is awesome.

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