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Where to stay in Northumberland | St Mary’s Inn

Last weekend was a big weekend for James. It was his birthday and he had agreed to go on a mystery adventure I had secretly planned, but most importantly, this was the weekend he would learn how to use a camera so he can be my “Instagram husband”. Something he will later regret, I’m sure.

st marys inn near morpeth northumberland

We spent a lovely weekend in Stannington, near Morpeth, Northumberland, staying in a charming place called St. Mary’s Inn [gifted]. Two train rides and a taxi ride later, we arrived at St. Mary’s Inn to begin his birthday celebrations together.

where to stay in northumberland

As we drew in to the Inn, the taxi driver said in the broadest of Geordie accents “did yee kna this place is haunted? Nah, {chuckle chuckle} divint listen,I’m only jokin’…..”.

Didn’t do much to subside my anxiety, but I could see why he would think that given the history of the site – which I’ll let you Google in your own time – but after the investment, renovation and refurbishment, St. Mary’s Inn has been transformed in to what it is today; a unique, beautiful country-style bed & breakfast with an exceptional restaurant to dine in.

Upon arriving, you can expect to check-in at the at the bar (like a good ol’ traditional inn!) as there isn’t a reception and we were shown to our rooms on the first floor which was quiet, bright, and airy.

st marys inn near morpeth northumberland

Check-in time is 3pm and due to Storm Freya, we didn’t venture back in to Morpeth town as we didn’t want to pay for another taxi there and back.

It’s also worth noting that buses to and from are not so frequent on weekends. Instead, of venturing out, we took a long walk and came back to enjoy the peacefulness of the room as we really only had a few hours to settle until dinner time.

The inn is nestled in a residential area (and a bloody nice one at that! The houses there are LUSH!) so we took a walk around the block, but if you had a car with you, you could drive out to the coast and explore Northumberland or travel 15 miles in to Newcastle City Centre (and only 17 miles to intu Metrocentre – one of Europe’s largest shopping centres…) 😬

north east fashion blogger near newcastle

We got settled in to the room. And by settle, I mean take photos of everything before we made ourselves at home. I’m slightly out of touch but 300 photos in and I decided that that was probably quite enough photographs to make a decent blogpost!

white marble bathroom inspiration

We were booked into the Catleugh room which is a deluxe bedroom; a double with high ceilings and a dreamy white marble bathroom (ie. the bathroom of my dreams).

north east fashion blogger near newcastle

The staff were friendly and were able to fulfil an embarrassing request I had about the room. I had politely asked that all pot plants to be removed in our room during our stay because I have a phobia of them. I was really little when this phobia started and I don’t even know how it began – but it’s something I have a big issue with still – and I am terribly embarrassed about it!

Thankfully, they were really professional about it and it was not bought up when I checked-in.

the white company noir toiletries

Towels and complimentary toiletries (The White Company, if you were wondering) are provided, so don’t worry, you won’t need to pack them in your suitcase if you don’t have room.

We had dinner booked for 7pm so had a few hours to relax. As there are no shops within the immediate vicinity of the inn (it’s 10 mins drive from Morpeth town) I was worried I’d get peckish before dinner. Shock horror, I didn’t pack a tube of Pringles in my suitcase. I needn’t have worried through. We nibbled on the free biccies dunked in the the complimentary hot drinks and held out for dinner and I was stuffed after the 3-course meal!

st marys inn restaurant

Here’s a preview for now but full foodie blogpost coming up soon. Keep your eyes peeled…

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1 thought on “A Weekend At St Mary’s Inn, Northumberland

  1. We absolutely love St Mary’s! We stayed there when we got married, and that’s actually the room we had! We’ve briefly popped back since they reopened for Sunday Lunch and it was absolutely lush, can’t wait to go back!

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