Food review | 3-course meal at St Mary’s

Looking for a great place to eat in Northumberland? Try St Mary’s Inn near morpeth for incredible food and relaxed atmosphere

It’s part two of my St Mary’s blogposts because I took that many photos, I couldn’t fit it all in to one post. It’s all about the ~content, darling~

So you’ve heard about the room we stayed in, now it’s all about the food!

food at st marys northumberland

We booked a table at the restaurant for 7pm and it had a really lovely, countryside atmosphere.

Dimly lit, log fire, rustic decor and well presented food – what’s not to love. Actually, I think the fireplace might’ve been decorative, I can’t actually remember if it was burning or not.

The restaurant was busy but had a really chilled vibe. People weren’t being rushed and there were no huffy team members dashing about from corner to corner. It was a relaxed atmosphere, the service was efficient and I really could’ve stayed there all night.

We both had a [gifted] 3-course evening meal, followed by a huge breakfast the next morning and here I am wondering my waistline’s expanding month on month when I’m literally gorging on everything in sight.

pate and chutneysweet chilli prawns


For starters, I had a crispy king prawns with a mango salsa and a sriracha sweet chilli sauce and James had a coronation chicken terrine with a homemade pear chutney and toasted sour dough (yum!).

Considering he only eats roast chicken dinners at home, he is surprisingly adventurous when dining out, so I’m often impressed with his choices here and actually wished I ordered the same thing, but the prawns and mango salsa was delish, and the sriracha hits the right spot if you’re in to hot sauce.

baked cod

When deciding what to order, are you always stuck in the dilemma of deciding whether to stick with what you know (fish and chips / grilled steak) or do you take a risk in trying something new?

More often than not, for the main course I will try something different and this time, I opted for the baked herb crusted skrei cod with a smoked haddock fishcake, spinach, buerre blanc and caperberries. There was a sweetness to the herb crust and buerre blanc (butter and white wine) sauce contrasted with the salted sourness from the caperberries that went extremely well with fish.

ox cheeks

James, on the other hand, had the ox cheeks, caramelised onion and seasonal veg. In all honesty, I think he was just chuffed not to be faced with yet another frickin’ chicken dinner.

As beautiful as it looked, I don’t really eat red meat, so I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in what was on his plate. It looked pretty but I spent a good few minutes admiring what was on mine instead.

chocolate brownies


It was not the day to be counting calories and I sure exceeded mine by mid-day anyway, so when it came to the third and final course (dessert), I had well and truly adapted the attitude of “eat like it’s your last meal“. Why not, I thought. I’ll just work it off tomorrow by taking a relaxing bath and watching Netflix.

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to dessert, so I was tempted by my usual order of sticky toffee pudding but I decided on the dark chocolate brownie with white chocolate ice cream.

Brownies is a risky choice, if you ask me. Would it be chewy? Soft? And gooey? (all at the same time) How dark is the dark chocolate? Would it be sweet or would it be bitter? These are serious questions from someone who has been on a serious mission to find the world’s best chocolate brownies.

chocolate tart

This time, it was James turn to be jealous. We swapped half way through so he could have some of the brownie and I tried the rich chocolate torte that he ordered. I wouldn’t normally do this (JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD) but technically it was a swap, and I suppose it was his birthday so I couldn’t say no…

Next time, he won’t be so lucky.

I’m delighted to report that dessert at St Mary’s was divine and the brownie was close to perfect. It was the perfect balance of sweet and bitter, and if you were wondering about the texture, it was a velvety rich ganache with a crispy top!

The melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate brownie went really well with the single scoop of white chocolate ice cream. Definitely got the stamp of approval from me (a wannabe brownie connoisseur, as it would appear).

breakfast layout


Breakfast was dreamy, as you can see. There buffet was a choice of cereal, toast, fresh fruit, juices, yoghurt, and granola – alongside the breakfast menu where you could order the likes of full english, pancakes, eggs benedict and french toast.

healthy breakfast

It has been a while since I had french toast and I’ve been craving it for a while, so eggy fried bread with roast plums and sticky syrup it was! (hashtag clean eating!)

french toast and roast peach

This perfectly rounds up my St Mary’s stay. I practically skipped all the way home, I felt that happy, content and full!

My next trip is Edinburgh and I haven’t been in over ten years, so I can’t wait to explore. Dusting my camera off has motivated me to come back to blogging. I’ve relied on my iPhone for so long, I had forgotten how good it feels to capture the moment with a quality camera.

Can’t wait to tell you all about Edinburgh! Let me know if you have any recommendations for my two day trip – but I’m already considering the castle (obvs!), The Dome, Baba restaurant, Mary’s Milkbar, Old Town, Royal Mile, Calton Hill, The Vaults and possibly a Harry Potter tour – weather permitting!

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